Hubie Halloween: Netflix Film Review!

At this point, it can be considered that Uncut Gems earned some of the goodwill that Adam Sandler has sacrificed at the altar of his of hie ridiculous deal with Netflix and the various sorts of careers that came along with that. Also, the world can be considered as a weird sort of Hellmouth right now.

It looks like Netflix’s and Adam Sandler’s, of course, Hubie Halloween feels like it has been written in one afternoon by two middle-aged men while they happened to wear gym shorts. But obviously, they included a scene where Ray Liotta refers to Sandler’s dim-witted hero as the Pubie Dubois, which, to be honest, is a cruel name.

Hubie Halloween―Adam Sandler Film Review!

This take is actually a dope story about a scared cat obsessed with Halloween’s idea and teaches the crappy people about the true meaning of bravery. Or maybe it is just another excuse to let Sandler, as well as his mates, make each other laugh on someone else’s dime/bottomless corporate debt. Still, well, it allows every American to fulfill their lifelong wish of watching Steve Buscemi play the role of a werewolf.

After all, Hubie Halloween is surely a very satisfying project in the form of a Charleston Chew that has always been squished under all the other sorts of candy in your lot of trick or treat bag as part of a George Soros that was funded to give every pupil in this country a sort of dental cavity. But nevermind, we surely have Rob Schneider who is only on the screen to take a bit of time and then leave. The film is surely a bit confusing in regard to its message.

Hubie Halloween―The film explores real issues like bullying!

But the best thing is, Hubie Halloween surely has its heart placed in the correct position. In this tale, the creators throw the entire spotlight on how ghosts are just a fantasy, but the people who bully you are the real and scariest monsters. Even though it is known that the comedies by Adam Sandler are a bit politically disengaged, they really make Saturday Night Live cold opens feel like they have been penned down by Howards Zinn.

This is the sort of tale where we can all witness Sandler getting into two horrific cycling accidents in the opening five minutes, and strangely, both of them are actually really funny. This is a kind of film where we see our guy act his path through all the pain thrown at him and find a new comedy in the pure-hearted resilience, which really runs through the crappy people he has a deal with.

Ginny Weds Sunny: Netflix Release Date and Other Updates!

Ginny Weds Sunny is a forthcoming film from the Indian subcontinent, a Bollywood tale that stars actress Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey in titular characters, that is, Ginny and Sunny, respectively. The production of this project has been done by Puneet Khanna, while the professional act of producing has been handled professionally by Vinod Bachchan.

The process of principle photography on this tale started back one the 20th September 2019 after the creators’ official announcement about Ginny Weds Sunny on the 11th of July 2019. The location was set to be Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, and Manali. The cast and the crew wrapped up their live work in November of last year. The release date of this amazing film has been set to be the 9th of October 2020.

Ginny Weds Sunny Release Date on Netflix India!

Ginny Weds Sunny―Release Date and Story!

It should be known that it was scheduled to come out in theatres all over the country earlier this year, then the unfortunate Corona pandemic took its form, and the whole industry of entertainment was shut down. Till this point in time, it is pretty unsafe to open the cinemas, and that is why Ginny Weds Sunny is releasing on this giant streaming platform instead.

The film throws the entire spotlight on the titular character, and the audience will be able to see Ginny, who meets with Sunny to have an arranged marriage. Later through the scenes, this lady turns him down. We will witness how Sunny joins his forces with Ginny’s mother to win her love.

Ginny Weds Sunny―Cast and Characters!

The film looks like a pretty successful classic Bollywood tale, and of course, major contribution lies in the hands of all the talented cast members. A small mention of them has been provided below.

Yami Gautam is going to reprise the role of Ginny Gill, Vikrant Massey is going to enact the character of Sunny Malhotra, Mansi Sharma is going to do the part of Manpreet, Suhail Nayyar will be reprising Nishant Rathee while Rajiv Gupta is going to enact the character of Pappi Sethi, Ayesha Raza Mishra is going to do the part of Shobha Juneja, Mazel Vyas will reprise the role of Nimmi Sethi, Sachita Puri is going to enact the character of Prerna, Gurpreet Saini is going to do the part of Sumit, Karan Singh Chhabra will reprise the role of Karan, Maneka Kurup Arora will do the character of Rita Sethi, Deepak Chadha will enact Gulshan Gulati.

The Binding: Netflix Release and Film Description!

Halloween is just around the corner, and all this while, Netflix is acting like Messiah and providing all us subscribers with loads and loads of content to binge-watch on an actual day. The streaming giant has dropped off The Binding, which is all about a supernatural creepy person who is dressed in dabblings in a witchy cultishness along with all the jazz in the world. This film serves as the feature debut of director Domenico Emanuele de Feudis, who is also Italian and brings to mind Fulci and Argento. They both are his influential countrymen also available in the filmmaker market.

The Binding begins with a lot of screaming. We can all witnessed people standing around a fire in a putrid catacomb and a subjugated woman who can shatter a mirror just by looking at it. The movie stars actor Riccardo Scamarcio in the role of Francesco and his fiancee Emma, the character of whom has been enacted by Mia Maestro.

The Binding Release Date and review

The Binding―Netflix story and review!

They even have a daughter who is seven years in an age called Sofia, whose part has been played by Giulia Patrignani. We see how Emma has yet not met Francesco’s mother, who has a house in southern Italy in a huge home isolated in the middle of the woods. Emma’s future mother in law lives at this place along with Sabrine, who might actually be a housekeeper or maybe even a friend who keeps on making some really creepy incantations about some precious blood. Also, while watching The Binding, you are just going to get reminded of other tales such as Rosemary’s Baby as well as The Witch and The Exorcist.

After watching the whole film, a person can surely confirm that the editor who did the sound effects was surely paid a 10 buck award for each ridiculous sound they created. However, one of the memorable scenes in the film was when Emma says of their new home and the surroundings that are made of wood that it was magnificent. To this statement, her mother replies that it is all that she has, and it also has taken a lot of sacrifices.

The Binding―Release Date and Official Synopsis!

According to the official synopsis given away by Netflix, it is said that The Binding is all about Emma who visits her mother in law, a woman who lives in the southern part of Italy and at that place, she must overcome all her fears of the mysterious and malevolent curse that are intent on claiming Sofia. The Binding came out on Netflix back on the 2nd of October and is now fully available to watch.

Ahi Te Encargo: Release Date on Netflix and Film Review!

Netflix has recently released a Mexican comedy film called Ahi Te Encargo, also known as You Got This. It was released on the streaming giant on the 2nd of October 2020. This film has been hated by many people who have subscribed to Netflix because it is repellant humor and should have been renamed and Two Selfish People with a Baby.

This can be considered in some way as a romantic tale that tries hard to turn around the gender roles as it was done in the Hollywood comedies back in the 80s era. You Got’s story throws the entire spotlight on the characters who have no sentiments a person could tolerate along with a baby who nobody seems to want to care for.

Ahi te encargo release date and film review

Ahi Te Encargo―Plotline and Other details!

This is a kind of film in which the society frowns at a young woman, who has been reprised by Esmeralda Pimentel, who is so aimed at following her career wherever it takes her husband, whose character has been enacted by Mauricio Ochmann. This guy barks quite a lot, saying why he would not be given what he actually desires, i.e., a baby.

Originally, the film is in the Spanish language, but English subtitles have been provided with it. We see that this guy, Alejandro, actually is a graphic designer for an agency with babies on their heads. All this while, his wife, Cecilia, is a rising character at a firm that manages global architectural engineering. She even has a chance to make a partner here or maybe even take over at some point in time.

Ahi Te Encargo―Film Review!

Events in this film conspire Alejandro to take a baby in his care for a period of time. For this, he offers his service to a single mother and takes a babysitter’s responsibility to provide Cecilia a headstart for some maternal instincts. Although these feelings are nowhere to be found, she repeatedly reminds Alejandro that she does not want to be a mother.

So, of course, Alej has to hide the fact that the baby is actually imposed on him, and thus he hides the toddler from her. On the other hand, even Cecilia can not tell Alejandro about her possible promotion of her dream because they always fight over a baby. We see how Alejandro takes up on a responsibility that he is clearly not prepared for even though he thinks he is. Cecilia is also looking forward to all the apartments they can shift to in Hong Kong without even telling her own husband.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Is Releasing Tomorrow-Know The Schedule!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is a popular up coming American show which has been created by Scott M. Gimple as well as Matthew Negrete. The series is a post-apocalyptic horror drama and is scheduled to release on AMC on the 4th of October 2020, that is, tomorrow.

The show can be considered as a spinoff series serving the original The Walking Dead, whose story is based on the comic books that go by the same name and have been penned down by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, as well as Charlie Adlard. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is also going to serve as the third show in the franchise. It will be made up of ten episodes before the installment comes to an end.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond-releasing tomorrow

The Walking Dead: World Beyond―Story!

The tale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set in Nebraska, and the timeline is ten years after the apocalypse by zombies has taken place. The show is going to throw the entire spotlight on four teenage protagonists who lay focus on the first generation to come if age in the era of an apocalypse as we remember it. Some of these characters will portray the role of heroes while some others are going to be the villains in the drama. But only one thing in common that all of these people will be changed forever as they will grow up and get cemented in their personalities, which are both good and bad.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond―Episode Index!

Down below, we have mentioned the whole episode index along with its release date for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which is starting pretty soon.

  • Episode 1: Brave―The 4th of October 2020
  • Episode 2: The Blaze of Glory―The 11th of October 2020
  • Episode 3: The Tyger and the Lamb―The 18th of October 2020
  • Episode 4: The Wrong End of a Telescope―The 25th of October 2020
  • Episode 5: Madman Across The Water―The 1st of October 2020
  • Episode 6: Shadow Puppets―The 8th of November 2020
  • Episode 7: Truth or Dare―The 15th of November 2020
  • Episode 8: The Sky Is a Graveyard―The 22nd of November 2020
  • Episode 9: The Deepest Cut―The 29th of November 2020
  • Episode 10: In This Life―The 6th of December 2020

The Walking Dead: World Beyond―Cast members!

Aliyah Royale as Iris Bennet, Hal Cumoston as Silas Plaskett, Nico Tortorella as Felix Carlucci, Julia Ormond as Elizabeth Kubiak, Alexa Mansour as Hope Bennet, Nicolas Cantu as Elton Ortiz, Annet Mahendru as Huck, Joe Holt as Leo Bennett, Al Calderon as Barca, Natalie Gold as Lyla, Ted Sutherland as Percy, Christina Marie Karies as Kari Bennett, Christina Brucato as Jannis, Scott Adsit as Tony.

Unresolved Mysteries: Volume 2 Release Date Confirmed By Netflix!

For all the people who are in love with Unsolved Mysteries, the wait is now finally over. A volume 2 of this detective show has been confirmed by the officials and expected to release on October 19, 2020. Netflix had disclosed this information on its official Twitter page when they shared a pretty creepy picture of a misty forest with a caption that says, let them see ho much of a sleuth has Unsolved Mysteries Volume has made us fans.

It was after a closed inspection of the picture that the fans witnessed a small line hidden within the whole snapshot. It said something about new mysteries, which will be dropped off on October 19. This news has really caused quite the storm among people, with many of them rushing to comment on this tweet. A person simply writes yes while the other one wrote Amen.

Unresolved Mysteries on Netflix―Reception!

A fan even went on to give Unresolved mysteries a review telling how much he loves and admires the format of this show because instead of making the series about whoever the person is hosting it, the creators have actually made it about the participants. The guys say that he likes that each episode consists of just one story and thus giving everyone the time they deserve.

Well, at this point in time, it is unknown about what these new batch of episodes are going to be all about, and even though Terry Dunn Meurer, the creator of Unresolved mystery, has shared that one episode in this show is going to look at some sort of unusual activity.

What will Unresolved Mysteries Volume 2 all about?

She has also said that the new episodes will come out sometime later this year. Meurer has even revealed that Unresolved Mysteries will explore deeper into another paranormal mystery, which is quite similar to Berkshire UFO, an episode in Volume 1, where residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts have reminisced their terrifying experiences which happened with a UFO on the night of September 1, 1969.

Then Terry was asked if the viewers will be provided with a ghost story this time; she approved but also qualified that it is quite an unusual ghost episode because it is a bit different.

The first six episodes of Unresolved Mysteries were dropped on Netflix back on July 1, and fans got immediately hooked to it. From the deaths as well as the disappearance of Rey Rivera as well as Patrice Endres while Alonzo Brooks was brutally murdered and Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes had a mystery, all the six episodes sent the viewers into a solid frenzy.

La Revolution: Netflix Has Dropped A Trailer For The Upcoming Series!

Well, well, well, as of right now, the streaming giant Netflix has dropped a potential trailer for its upcoming drama about the French Revolution called La Revolution. If we judge the video by the looks of it, then the trailer, as well as the show, sure looks to be a violent and bloody topic.

La Revolution release date is set to be the 16th of October 2020, which is a Friday. Netflix has described the show has a rebooted history about the Revolution in France.

The timeline of the La Revolution is set in 1787 and is going to throw the entire spotlight on the future inventor of the guillotine as he discoveries about a disease called Blue Blood. This disease is responsible for driving the aristocracy in order to murder the common people.

What do we know about the story of the La Revolution?

In the trailer, everyone can witness a voice in the start saying that a day is going to come when all the slaves will break their chains, and the wretched will join all their forces to raise their cry of rebellion. Also, a variety of brutal executions can be acknowledged in the video as well as the members of the aristocracy. These people have taken a vow to ruin the whole Brotherhood, which is planning to overthrow them.

Also, we see people of the Brotherhood discuss Blue Blood even though they concede that they are not even aware of the phrase yet. At the concluding moments of the trailer, we see another character who urges his friends that their enemies are very strong, but if they unite among themselves, there exists more of them, and thus, everyone has to fight. La Revolution has provided us with a thumping soundtrack, and there is absolutely no shortage of blood put on display in the trailer, and this is why the tale looks like a rather intense and grueling binge.

La Revolution―Trailer and other details!

The cast for La Revolution includes Amir El Kacem, Marilou Aussilloux, Julien Frison, Lionel Erdogan, Laurent Lucas. We have also provided the trailer up above of La Revolution for you guys to watch.

A more detailed plotline of the La Revolution is unfortunately not known to anybody. These pieces of information are kept under tight wraps, and not even sources are much aware of it. Even though there is no problem because we will be provided all the episodes of the show in one go at Netflix on the aforementioned release date and thus, there will be no secrets anymore.

Someone Has To Die: Release Date Set By Netflix!

Someone Has To Die is a forthcoming Spanish series that has been created by Manolo Caro. Caro has previously worked on projects such as The House of Flowers. The genre of the show excels in the department of thrill.

The timeline of Someone Has To Die takes is in Spain back in the 1950s and throws the entire spotlight on a conservative as well as a traditional society during which the Franco regime happened and where appearances and family ties play an important part. The show consists of just three episodes, and the cast of Someone Has To Die is studded with stars. It features Carmen Maura along with Cecilia Suarez. Someone Has To Die release date is set to be the 16th of October 2020 on Netflix.

Someone Has To Die―Plotline and cast members!

In this show, we will witness a young man who is recalled to Spain from Mexico by his own family, who announces that they have found someone for his wedding. However, this guy brings back a male ballet dancer with him called Lazari to his conservative town. The story of Someone Has To Die is quite surprising.

The cast members of the show includes Carmen Maura, Ernesto Alterio, Isaac Hernandez, Juan Carlos Vellido, Eduardo Casanova, Manuel Moron, Cecilia Suarez, Alejandro Speitzer, Pilar Castro, Mariola Fuentes, Carlos Cuevas, Ester Exposito and Ray Davila.

The streaming giant signed Caro for an exclusive deal with their company, and he began the process of production on this miniseries called Someone Has To Die. Not Now, the production company owned by Caro has also worked on this show, which is said to deal with major issues in the society such as homophobia, conservatism, family as well as change.

Someone Has To Die release date.

Someone Has To Die―History and Production!

Caro has even said the cast of this series is a dream for him. He has previously worked with a bunch of them as Suarez is one of his constant collaborators, while Casanova has been in the Spanish scenes contained by The House of Flowers. It is even known to the press that Maura once visited Caro as well as Suarez while they both were filming in Madrid for The House of Flowers back in February of 2021 in order to discuss the show.

All this while, Someone Has To Die will prove as the first act the role of Hernandez, who is a Mexican ballet dancer. He is also considered to be one of the best dancers in the world. The show began filming in Madrid back on the 23rd of October 2019, and the creators are delivering it exactly a year after.

AC/DC Releasing A New Album Containing Malcolm’s Recording!

Well, AC/DC has been teasing the fans about their huge comeback for some time now, and the band has even released a potential trailer for their new music. In that clip, people are able to witness Brian Johnson singing a new single, which is titled as Shot In The Dark. This can be considered as the first new song by AC/DC since they had released studio album Rock or Bust back in 2014.

According to the previous teases that took place just this week, it looks as if the new album is probably titled as PWRUP, also known as Power Up by AC/DC. In the teaser video, people can witness the red photoshoots of the classic lime up; this band has, that is, Brian, Angus Young, Cliff Williams as well as Phil Rudd. All this while, we will see Stevie Young, the late nephew of Malcolm, who takes his place on the rhythm guitar his uncle once owned. By the supreme looks of it, we can probably conclude that AC/DC is very much planning on a return after the issues they have been through since the release of Rock or Bust.

About the new album of AC/DC called PWRUP!

Apart from the tragic news about Malcolm’s death that happened back in 2017, we had artist Brian Johnson who was compelled to step down as a singer on the world tour because of the hearing problems. Then Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose stepped in to do the vocals, but then, unfortunately, drummer Phil Rudd was not able to go on a potential tour as he was facing some legal issues. Then, as we saw the Rock or Bust World Tour ended in 2016, the bassist in the band, Cliff Williams, announced that he is retiring. This was how we saw Angus Young being the only original member left on the band after this incident, and it sure looked like the days for AC/DC were numbered.

But as of right now, the guys are back on their musical track with what is supposed to be their last album in the studio and the one which is going to pay the highest tribute to Malcolm Young in the best manner. Fans are speculating that this upcoming album called PWRUP is going to feature a posthumous recording by the late, but iconic guitarist. The result is all because of a miracle we call technology these days.

AC/DC will be putting in late Malcolm’s recordings in PWRUP!

One thing is sure at this point in time that this forthcoming album is going to be uplifting as well as heartbreaking at the same time because nothing actually goes on forever, but this is the last ‘one more time.’ If the rest of the band includes Malcolm’s recordings, AC/DC would be doing exactly what Queen did four years after the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

Morgan Wallen Hints A New Album For 2020!

A person can measure this in any manner they want to, but Morgan Wallen, the country music artist, has had one of the biggest years as any music artist would have back in 2019. His blockbuster bummer of various anthemic tracks such as Whiskey Glasses has even been named Number One Song of the Year by Billboard.

The iconic man has even scored a variety of hits for projects that were not single. He has also attracted the red hot compliments for his place on Beer Never Broke My Heart tour along with Luke Combs.

All the truth be told, it is sure that Wallen is now set on a path to become a force to be reckoned with. And at this time, the music artist even aims to disclose even more of the man that is present under the coat.

Morgan says that through his music, he can be true to his fans!

Morgan Wallen says that 2019 was, without a doubt, one of the biggest years that has happened till now for him. He says that the best part about all of this stuff is that he does not have to put it up on the front and have to do nothing. His meaning is that he has to work hard to write songs and put out some good music in the world, but other than that factor, he just lets himself be the true him and Morgan says people are seeing him for he is, and that is the best part of this whole thing for him.

When Wallen is out on the road, we have seen Morgan Wallen working extremely hard to be more himself than he was ever before, and in turn for this, his loyal fanbase is giving him back more stuff than he has ever bargained for. Almost all of his headlining that were put into the market have sold out, and all the fans who already have already packed the venues to revel in the electrical energy of his hits up as Up-Down as well as one of his grooving current single called Chasin You.

Morgan Wallen’s new album might release in 2021!

Fans are also jamming to the deep cuts from If I Know Me of whose lyrics they all seem to know by heart. All this while, the man has even started opening up more about himself from the stage, and he has even released one of his surprising solo-piano interlude that is into the set. This was done for the common aim just to show off a bit of his musical background.

While he looks ahead, Morgan, our favorite country music artist, is really hoping to do this thing forever while expecting some big results. Morgan has even hinted on a potential new album that might come out pretty sooner than we would expect it to be. In an interview that happened a few months ago, he said that he had to guess, he would say 2021 is going to be big.