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When will Season 3 Of Beasters Release?

Beastars Season 3 release

Anime fans always wait for the series to be available in their country. And non-anime watchers can never understand the pain of downloading and seeing an episode without the English subtitles. That hit differently. But these are just small hurdles we anime lovers must face to watch our favorite shows. If you are also an anime lover, you must have heard about the 2019 hit fantasy anime Beastars. And chances are that Beastars season 3 release is not very far from us. Yes, can you hear me squealing already? The thrill to hear your favorite anime getting a new season is real, people.

The show Beastars is a fantasy genre anime that was first released in 2019. Like much other anime, the show is based on the hit manga series first published in 2017. The manga series Beastars is written by Paru Itagaki. The show was an instant hit among anime lovers. Read on ahead to know everything about the new season of Beastars.

Is Beastars Season 3 release official?

The show’s first two seasons were soon available on Netflix to stream. Since the conclusion, fans have wondered if there will be a third season of Beastars. According to the official announcement, the show is renewed for a third season on Netflix. The show is an Orange house production, and the renewal news was given on Orange’s official Twitter account. This is to maintain the quality of animation in the series. While the show is expected to return for a third season, there is no concrete news about when it will be available to stream on Netflix. Also, this is the final season of Beastars.

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What to expect from Beastars Season 3?

The show’s third season is expected to follow the events of the second season. The third season is expected to be inspired by the 100th chapter, which will be the 12th volume in the Manga series. Earlier, 11 volumes have been adapted into the two seasons. The two characters of gazelle-leopard hybrid Melon and Merino are expected to return in the Beastars Season 3 fully. Beasters season 3 release will be a treat for the show’s fans. The character of Melon is expected to fill the power gap left by Louis’ departure and Ibuki’s death. It will be interesting to see how the creators will use the remaining chapters of the Manga series in this new adaptation. Since this is the final season, it is expected to be very special for fans.

When will Beastars Season 3 release?

While there is no official announcement on the Beastars Season 3 release, a trailer is expected soon. The series will firstly be released in Japan. Like its predecessors, the series is expected to release on Fuji TV (+ Ultra), TNC, KTV, THK, UHB, and BS Fuji in late 2022. It might be available on Netflix with English subtitles in early 2023. But might we add that we are very excited for Beastars season 3 release!

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