The Witcher Season 2: Set Images Suggest A New Plot!

All the witcher fans know that the show has already made quite a splash on Netflix with its first installment back in the final weeks of 2019; wait for a Witcher season 2 might not end that soon. At this point, our only new hope lies in the hands of some new looks which provide us with what is going to come in the second outing of The Witcher.

By these, we get an idea of some new circumstances as well as threads for Geralt of Rivia (The role reprised by Henry Cavill), Ciri (The character enacted by Freya Allen), and Yennefer (the part played by Anya Chalotra). Well, obviously, some of these characters are in better shape than the others, and these new images help provide us hope about what is next to come in our way.

The Witcher Season 2 Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher season 2―Geralt’s fate in the new season!

In the conclusion of the first season, we saw that Geralt and Ciri are finally going to meet after eight episodes, very slowly but surely paving a way toward each other. All this while, Yennefer has valiantly fought at the battle of Sodden. In the new season, we will see how The Witcher (Geralt of Rivia) will take Ciri back to his stronghold, that is, the place where he grew up. This location is known as the Kaer Morhen. He assumes that Yennefer is now dead, and Geralt tries to protect Ciri while all the humans are raging a fight against elves and demons to gain power on the continent.

In the new set image of Geraly, we see him just the same as he was in the first season. It looks like Witcher season 2 will have him in the same mood while he converses mostly with a grunt. In the picture, Geralt kind of looks grimy and glum, and obviously, crossing paths with Ciri is not going to help him smile (but what will?) and be cheerful. Although, we can surely notice a new suit on his smoking body instead of just an armor.

The Witcher Season 2 Princess Cirilla

The Witcher season 2―Is Cirilla going to be a new Witcher?

Well, if we talk about Princess Cirilla, she is clearly not hiding away in the shadows at the Witcher stronghold at Kaer Morhen. We know how Geralt wants to protect this little lady from the mysterious powers that lie inside of her as much as the forces that are existent behind the walls of Kaer Morhen. But in the picture, we can see her getting prepared for a fight that might happen in The Witcher season 2. She is mostly changed while giving up her fine dresses and silks and looks more like a Witcher herself. Ciri is holding a sword, and it surely means like she means some business.

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