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Over the Moon: Release Breakdown and Netflix Release Date!

Netflix, the streaming giant, has now come out with a new trailer for Over the Moon. This tale can be considered as the latest original animated feature to release by Netflix. In this project, they have even tapped Glen Keane, who has even tapped an Oscar and is wildly known for his work on The Little Mermaid as well as Beauty and the Beast by Disney in the form of an animator.

He is here to make an outstanding animated film again and also to debut his feature directorial. As all the audience can witness this from their final trailer, the director has wen out for all that looks like to be a spectacular visual, which has been steeped in Chinese mythologies.

Over The Moon Trailer breakdown and release date!

Over the Moon―Release Date and Plot Details!

The trailer opens up with a young girl and her father sharing a nice moment before they all discover that her mother is no longer available for her aid. We see how the dinner table gets awkward while this young lady tries to think of a legend about the moon, which she once thought to be a real one. Over the Moon is set to release on the 23rd of October 2020 on Netflix.

All she wants to do right then is to build a rocket, and she does that and flies off to the moon with her bunny as a sidekick. This film turns out to be a fantastical adventure of music that is filled with adventure. Also, by the trailer, we can recognize that this animated film looks like the ones from the days gone by but with a modern touch.

Over the Moon―Cast as well as Crew Members!

At this point, by just the looks of the trailer of Over the Moon, the film looks like a successful one. No one can deny that the talented voice cast members have played an important role in doing so. Here is a mention of all of them.

Cathy Ang as Fei Fei, Robert G. Chiu as Chin, John Cho as Dad, Margaret Cho as Auntie Ling, Artt Butker as Uncle, Sandra Oh as Mrs. Zhong. We also have Philipa Soo as Change, Ken Jeong as the Gobi, Ruthie Ann Miles as Mom, Kimiko Glenn as Auntie Mei. Christopher Curtis and Marjorie Duffield, along with Helen Park, did the courtesy of creating two original songs for this upcoming tale, Over the Moon. In contrast, the score was done by Steven Price, who has even won an Oscar for his work on the sets of Gravity.

Glen Kean has even previously bagged an Oscar award for his short film called Dear Basketball. John Kahrs is also available on the set in the form of a co-director and will work in Keane’s company. This film’s screenplay has been done by Audrey Wells, popularly known for The Hate U Give.

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