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The Flash: Release Date Delayed Amid The Panddemic!

The Flash is now delayed, and there is nothing sadder in this world than that. It will release in November of 2022. This DC Extended Universe film throws the entire spotlight on screenplay done professionally by Christina Hodson. Hodson has previously worked on other successful projects such as Bumblebee as well as Birds of Prey.

The tale is also going to incorporate elements of the Flashpoint storyline from the DC Comics. The Flash is also going to mark the on-screen return of both the actors, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, in their respective versions of Batman.

The Flash Release Date Delayed

The Flash―Release Date Further Delayed!

The Flash’s new release date comes as a bit of surprise and is the latest change for a project that has seen quite a few directors come and go, and this alters almost both of the plot and release date. Phil and Chris Lord, along with Seth Grahame Smith, were attached to deliver The Flash in the theatres to the audience by 2018.

But then this trio left the set, stating they had some creative differences. Then Rick Famuyiwa was brought in just to leave in October of 2016. Mushietti and Hodson were both finally confirmed for the film and the studios assured all the fans now that the filming will start in March of 2021 with a target for the 3rd of June 2022.

But right now, very recently, it was announced by Warner Brothers that they are planning a new release date for The Flash now, and it will be the 4th of November 2022.

Other affected projects similar to The Flash!

Obviously, it is all because of the pandemic caused by the fatal Corona Virus and how it has brought everything to a halt while delaying potential plans to start any new sorts of projects in the industry of entertainment. The entire slate of DC Extended Universe has been affected by this, and it includes The Batman, Shazam 2 as well as Black Adam. Also, completed films such as Wonder Woman 1984 have seen their release dates delaying further and further because of how this is a very risky time to release anything.

Even the whole of Hollywood had to reschedule almost all of its release date because of this factor. This delay is not restricted to just the superhero films. Other projects such as The Matrix 4, No Time To Die as well as Fast and Furious 9 have announced their delay too. Other films are experiencing halts in their production processes such as Avatar 2, Mission Impossible, and the franchises of Scream.

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