The Unicorn Season 2: CBS Renewed The Show For A New Season!

Well, The Unicorn, an American TV show, is set to return for its new installment, and obviously, all the fans are highly anticipated to know more about the project. No one can wait to see what will happen to our favorite character Wade as well as the whole gang that we so admire in The Unicorn season 2. The renewal status of this iconic series was confirmed back in May of 2020. If the reports about this show are correct, we can actually acknowledge the developments in the relationship shared by Wade and Caroline.

The task of creation of The Unicorn has been accomplished professionally by Grady Cooper and Bill Martin, and Mike Schiff. If a person needs a break from all the deep mysteries and lengthy shows, The Unicorn is just made for you. It is a feel-good series that is light and humorous. Also, despite the show being a sitcom, it portrays its tale in a very mature tone. This show’s story throws the entire spotlight on a widowed father who tries everything in his power to keep his life in balance while also creating a strong bond with both of his daughters.

The Unicorn Season 2:Renewal Status and Other Updates!

The Unicorn Season 2―Plot Details and Parent Season Review!

The demographic scale ranges from 18 to 49; the Unicorn season 1 has bagged an average rating of 0.71, which is not bad. All this while, the average viewership for this show was bestowed at 5.66 million. It should be known that the first outing was actually appreciated by the audience and critics alike, and obviously, Walton Goggins is a genius in acting.

We witness a widowed and devoted father who makes up his mind to give his love life a shot when he starts preparing himself to start dating once more. When he entered the world of dating once again and made himself available in the market, he soon finds out that he is actually kind of popular, where people demanded him too much. He has his own professional qualities of being a devoted father, and on top of that, he was widowed, which made him a highly eligible guy in the dating scenes. The guy in this picture is called Wade, and all the people close to him, such as family and friends, try to help him find out his life after a year that his wife had met her unfortunate fate.

The Unicorn Season 2―Renewal Status and Rotten Tomatoes score!

We can see 18 episodes of The Unicorn season 1, and I’m telling you that they are all awesome. The show has received a high approval rate of 85 percent, while Rotten Tomatoes actually offered it a 6.85 acceptance score. After such a great response on The Unicorn’s side, CBS just had to give this series the green light for sure to make a fresh batch of episodes. The story was left on a cliffhanger back in the season when we saw how Caroline had a second date, and Wade found out about it. We see how he starts to feel jealous, and thus, we will see a new side of him in The Unicorn season 2.

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