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Mirzapur season 2: Release Date and Trailer!

Mirzapur, a top-rated show in India, excels in the genre of thrill and action, and its first season came out back in 2018. Since that point in time, the show has gone on to garner a huge fan base, and there are even people who say that this show and its story is actually better than Sacred Games, which came out in the same year but on a different platform, that is, Netflix, the streaming giant.

Obviously, after a person actually binge watches the whole show, you really get how this show has employed excellent characters played by talented actors. The story throws the entire spotlight on the lives of two brothers who are skinny deep into a life that is surrounded by drugs and undue violence, and mafia culture.

Mirzapur season 2 release date

Even though the second season of this crime drama finished its filming process sometime in 2019, it was then confirmed that Mirzapur season 2 would release in the latter half of 2020. This was also confirmed by Farhan Akhtar, who js an executive producer on the show. And after all this, we have even been provided with a confirmed release date for the show.

Mirzapur season 2 release date on Amazon Prime Video!

Mirzapur season release date is scheduled to be the 23rd of October 2020, which is a Friday. As Amazon Prime Video reveals it at this point, in Mirzapur season 2, they say that revenge is actually a dish that tastes best when served at a cold temperature. They say that Mirzapur is actually a dream, and just like others, this one should also come true as the wait for a fresh batch of episodes is finally over.

We will get a new installment full of a variety of genres, such as action, suspense, drama, and thrill. In the parent outing of Mirzapur exactly two years ago, we saw nine episodes, and right now, fans are expecting that this sophomore season should have the same quantity or even more but not less.

Mirzapur season 2―plot!

Although nothing could be said about a potential story of Mirzapur season 2, we surely are expecting that the plot of Mirzapur will witness all the ups as well as the downs of the mafia world. Akhtar has actually gone on to say that the characters employed in Mirzapur are actually the people we can all relate with, and of course, the drama is so epic. He says that the end of each episode was essential and very smartly done. He says that Mirzapur season 1 was an original and awesome drama.

He further adds that they are pretty excited about doing a second season and are much excited about how successful the first debut season went all over the country and even in some major parts of the world. We were all left at a cliffhanger that Bablu and Sweety were killed, and this definitely will prove to be an act of revenge on the whole Tripathi family.

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