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Insecure Season 5: Renewed For A new Season at HBO!

Over the past few months, we have witnessed how the show, Insecure, has provided us some variety of pleasures that were needed the most and that too in the middle of a pandemic caused by the fatal Corona Virus. But now its fourth season is about to top airing and finish all the planned content it had. This is why this HBO show’s fans, which has even been nominated for an Emmy Award, will be missed a lot by all the fans.

Insecure is a show which has been created by Issa Rae as well as Larry Wilmore. Obviously, fans are quite curious about what might come next to Issa and Molly’s friendship or even the love after the biggest reveal between Issa and Lawrence. It is said that we may have to wait until Insecure season 5 to get more content.

Insecure Season 5―Renewed for a fresh outing!

Just when we were two weeks into seeing Insecure season 4 on HBO, the TV Network conformed on the 1st of May 2020 that Insecure season 5 is on our way towards us. Amy Gravitt is the executive vice president of the programming department at HBO. She said in a statement that they are basically thrilled that Issa, Prentice, and the whole team of Insecure are getting back once again for a fifth outing. She says that as they all laugh and cringe with all sorts of recognition, the stories they tell make us all feel that we are not that lonely in this world.

Also, when HBO confirmed this news among all the fans, we had the cast members of Insecure, that is, Rae, Jay Ellis as well as Yvonne Orji, who was so happy to celebrate this news on their social media platforms. They say that they are pretty happy to finally come back again in the form of a fifth season. This commented was tweeted by Rae along with a clip from this iconic show.

Insecure season 5 renewed at HBO.

Insecure Season 5―Here is how the cast and crew are working on a new story!

Later on, on the 4th of May, we shared a picture of all the writers of insecure, and this snapshot was captioned as back to work for the fifth season, and they all were conversing about a new season through the means of a video chat. In this session, the media could witness the stars, and the co-creator was present herself along with Prentice Penny (the producer of Insecure) and Natasha Rothwell who performs multiple tasks in Insecure such as being a writer, producer as we as a director on the set along with performing the role of Kelli in front of the camera.

When Rae was in one of her interviews, she revealed that it feels really nice to her to be back at work with the whole team of Jnsecure even though it means talking to them from behind a digital screen. She even gathered some laughs when Rae said that this is the only social interaction that she is going through right now, a ridiculous virtual room full of writers, but this part is fascinating.

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