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Love, Victor Season 2 Confirmed By Hulu!

Love, Victor -- "Welcome to Creekwood" - Episode 101 -- Victor arrives at Creekwood a year after the events of LOVE, SIMON excited to start his new life. Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/Hulu)

Well, who was not obsessed with Love, Simon, and then when its spin-off series came out called Love, Victor. Come on, we all were. The parent season of Love, Victor, came out on the streaming platform provided by Hulu. Obviously, now people have started wondering about the second season of the show and how it will look like. The tale of Love, Victor, throws the entire spotlight on Victor Salazar, who is reprised by Michael Cimino, who is a teenager and moves to a new place.

All this while, we see his personal issues and find his true self on a pathway of self-discovery while he is trying to manage all the challenges that are being offered to him at his own home. We also witness him adapting to a brand new school while also adjusting to people there. We also see Simon Spier from the parent show playing a significant role in Victor’s journey, and he helps him find his way through all the ups and downs present in high school.

Love, Victor, season 2―Renewal and Release Date!

There happened to be just 10 episodes in Love, Victor season 1, and thus, all the fans are ravenous to grab a bite of the fresh batch of episodes, but no one has any idea when they can do so. All this while, a piece of great news comes in the form of an assumption by various news media outlets that maybe, Love, Victor season 2 has already started with the process of production. After the confirmation of a second outing, it was leaked in the media that a writer’s room has already been assembled for the follow-up. That is why, without further ado, here is all the stuff we need to know about Love, Victor season 2.

Hulu has officially come out and confirmed all the fans about Love, Victor season 2, and even said that the room for writers has already been set. But, something disappointing was revealed when the creators said that Love, Victor might actually not release at least for another year or so. This was done because of all the safety guidelines that had to be ensured for fighting against the spread of fatal Corona Virus, and if this means the safety of all our cast and crew members, then obviously the fans are ready to wait. The first season of Love, Victor started filming in August of 2019, and the series came out after 10 months.

Love, Victor season 2 Renewed At Hulu!

Love Victor season 2―Returning cast members!

Thus, we can expect the next season to come out around the same time in 2021, but of course, nothing could be said with proper assurance because no one has seen tomorrow. As for the cast members for Love, Victor season 2, we can expect all our favorites to come back for more adventures at Creekwood High. Michael Cimino is surely going to return for his role as Victor and the rest of the Salazar family members.

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