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The Walking Dead Season 10 Review – Hit or Miss?

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead has proven itself to be one of those shows which provides us with quite a lot of highly anticipated batch of episodes. I can even remember the excitement in the air when the seventh installment of The Walking Dead was about to release. We know how the officials started to play all sorts of ridiculous tricks with us by portraying the fake death of Glenn to leave us hanging at the end of the finale of the sixth outing.

All our heroes were rounded up by Negan as well as the Saviors to have an answer for their own crimes such as murdering the people they don’t even know while they are sleeping without any reason. All this while, the whole gang of Rick was made up of equal parts who are practically cold-blooded as well as stupid. People even have waited out for a lot of time to get to know whose skulls will be broken by Negan with his bat Lucille.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Was It Really Good?

The Walking Dead season 10 ―How the story has been set up for the finale?

Although, the audience was pretty sure that these guys would not actually kill off Glenn. This assumption was because that these guys are often changing the plot that was in the actual story from the comics the show has been adapted from and then the other half of this belief was because Glenn is surely an important character and obviously, the show is never going to be the same without him. Everyone proved to be wrong then because they really killed Glenn and obviously, no one can deny the fact that The Walking Dead has not been the same ever since.

As the seasons came by and went, The Walking Dead just kept on getting bad and bad even with the worst special effects ever. The writing was too predictable and the villains, oh the villains were nauseous. The cast was always getting bigger and bigger and it was really hard to keep track. If the creators would just have kept Glenn in the picture, things would have mattered so much and the story would have been better, of course.

The Walking Dead season 10 ―Problems in the finale!

Although, the tenth season was sort of unique for various other reasons and we have already waited for nearly a year and a half for it to release. The delay was because of our popular pandemic caused by the fatal Corona Virus. Also, the last episode which is called “A Certain Doom” has a set of issues. The first one is that the title is really not apt at all. We see our heroes getting out of the finale being stronger than ever and there is no doom at all. They practically suffer no heavy losses.

the second disturbing thing is that we should have actually received a longer episode because come on, this is practically the end. The audience, although, loved how our heroes went off away with the music. Everything was super rushed though because there were some great moments in the scenes like the lasts and of Gabriel

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