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Food Wars Cancelled After Season 5!

The Food Wars season 1 and 2 proved enough to create waves in the whole world of modern animated series. And beyond that, we have seen how Food Wars has even experienced a steady decrease in its quality status but has never lost its charm of savory. No one can actually deny the fact that the most recent season of Food Wars was not as good as compared to the first few seasons. Nevertheless, we have still seen the anime impressing us with its hilarious moments that include the fan service ones and the reactions of the various judges and, of course, the recipes that are capable of making our mouths water.

Well, at this point, after literally binge-watching the whole show twice and thrice, I can say that there are other people like me around the world who are longing for a Food Wars season 6 through thick and thin. Despite all sorts of content that has set out on our way, the people who actually are in love with the series have stuck to all portions of it and would do so till the show finishes its course. Also, if we consider the fact that Food Wars has been on our screens for so long now, one can not help but wonder about how long will the show keep running or if it is even going to come back again or not?

Food Wars season 6 canceled.

Food Wars―Season 5 was the last!

Many animated series viewers worldwide were quite sure that the Food Wars season 4 would serve as the season finale but then the creators shocked us and put out the confirmation for Food Wars season 5. Unfortunately, the fifths season will be the last one. Food Wars season 5 came out on our screens on the 11th of April 2020 and completed airing on the 26th of September 2020, and just like most of the animes, it runs was again broken by some unavoidable issues.

This animated series’s fan base is still growing to this date, and it has even gone on to sell over 20 million copies of its manga that are put on a print. Even though its overall rating has taken a downward course with each season’s release, the show still maintains a perfect score on most of the platforms out there, and it suggests that everyone would love to watch more of it. When the official address for Food Wars season 5 came out, it was confirmed that it would take on the final BLUE arc of the manga, and beyond this factor, there would actually now source material.

Food Wars might give us special episodes.

Food Wars―We might get some special episodes!

Well, there is nothing to get sad over because if we consider the popularity of this whole franchise, we might actually get to see some of the original special episodes or maybe even OVAs in the distant future because, let’s be honest, wh would truly cancel such a good source of income?

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