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Crackdown Season 2 Release Date – Will It Happen Or Not?

Obviously, as all the people who are in love with the series called Crackdown which is actually a Voot original must be well aware of the fact that they can not help but think about a new season. The saddest part about this series is that it actually ends and we can do nothing about it. Just like you, even I am wondering about how Crackdown season 2 is actually going to look like and what the characters of it might actually be. Here is all that we know about it.

Well, if we go on and try to decipher a potential release date for Crackdown season 2, then it would be pretty hard. Various news media outlets think that a new installment would actually drop off by the end of 2021. At this point in time, no official release date has been given to us while makers did not make an announcement about it. Although, if you are waiting, then the end of 2021 looks like a perfect option.

Crackdown season 2 might be on our way

Crackdown season 2―Renewal Status and Cast Members!

As you guys know, creators have not addressed the second season of Crackdown officially. But when you guys see the last episode and understand the story, you would know how much is left still for us to explore still. Fans hope to get an official green light for Crackdown season 2 from the creators.

Well, if we talk about the cast, this is an Indian soap opera, nobody dies here. We expect that almost everyone who was alive in the first season will come back to the second installment too if it is being renewed. Also, if the plot demands, a few new characters would not be so bad. But obviously, we will see Saquib Salim as well as Shriya Pgaonkar to be the key cast member in this series.

Crackdown Season 2―Expected Plot Details!

If we see through it, there are a variety of secrets in the story of Crackdown season 1 that are yet to be revealed. Fans have seen that the behavior of Divya is quite strange and at times, they even doubt her of RP. We saw how Divya was literally seeking the help of her brother to hide all of that and how RP actually flees the base of the Pakistani Army. Then RP has even crushed an eye of the Army man and other sorts of details. Thus, we think that Crackdown season 2 will explore these scenarios first before getting deeper into its own story.

We saw in Crackdown season 1 that Divya is a middle-class girl who is convinced by a RAW agent, that is, Riyaz Pathan to be a part of a covert operation because she looks exactly like the terrorist Mariyam who has been killed off in an operation by RAW. Riyaz, along with his whole team, train Divya to be a terrorist so that she can assist the whole intelligence agency in a project to grab one of the most crucial terrorists. This operation is happening under a very secretive unit of RAW. This is the whole story of Crackdown season 1 and it is quite addictive.

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