Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton – Will Be Back As Batman In The Flash

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Get ready to see Ben Affleck fighting crimes and swaying his cape again as ‘Batman’ in the upcoming movie, The Flash. Yes, it is true. And, the good news was revealed by the director of the movie, Andy Muschietti. He told, that Affleck got the script last week. And, after analyzing it for some time, he agreed to play and join the cast of the movie.

Affleck also starred in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in 2016, and “Justice League” in 2017. Ben Affleck will be reprising his famous role of Bruce Wayne one more time for the upcoming project. People always have had mixed reviews on Affleck playing Batman. Some love him, some depreciate his portrayal. Some did not like his portrayal since the beginning whereas some want him to be given more chances.

But, whatsoever the public thinks, we are glad that Ben Affleck will be returning back as Batman. So, let’s go ahead and get to know more about his role and movie:

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Ben Affleck Batman – Justice League

Director Andy Muschietti’s Take On Ben Affleck Joining The Movie

While discussing the movie in an interview, Muschietti opened up about Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. He said, His Batman has a dichotomy, that is very strong because of his masculinity and the way he looks. The imposing figure that he[Affleck] has and also his jawline is one of the factors. He also mentioned that he [Affleck] is also very vulnerable. And, Affleck just needs a story that will bring out his contrast and balance.

He continued and said that Affleck’s part is very substantial in the emotional impact of the movie. The relationship between Barry (Ezra) and  Wayne (Affleck) will bring out the emotional side of the film. He said that the movie is about Barry and his story, but the characters are more related than everyone thinks. Affleck’s character and Barry have a lot in common, and that’s where the Affleck Batman kicks in.

Batman and Flash

The Story Of The Movie 

The Flash will feature the story of Barry (Ezra Miller) as director Andy told. The movie will feature Miller’s Barry Allen in the parallel dimension. He will also meet different versions of DC’s heroes there. Michael Keaton is also said to appear in ‘The Flash’. Keaton is known for playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s 1989 film.


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