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Vikings season 6 part 2: Here Is What We Know

Vikings season 6, as all the fans might be aware, has reached the midpoint of its sixth installment, and the audience is already wondering what is in store for characters such as Ivor, Bjorn, and the rest of them. Michael Hirst has served as the creator of this historical show, Vikings, which first came out in 2013 on History Channel. Initially, the creators had a plan to make this a miniseries, but then it was instantly renewed for a new season, and till this point in time, it is still running, all because of the love and support offered by its loyal fanbase.

The story of Vikings originally threw the entire spotlight on the legendary Norse figure, which is Ragnar Lothbrok, whose role was reprised by actor Travis Fimmel. We all witnessed his travels along with all his Vikings brothers from the beginning of their era. It was marked by the raid on Lindisfarne, as is displayed in the first season. But later in the show, we see how the series shifts over to the journey of the sons of Ragnar and their own personal journeys, especially of Ivor, the character enacted by actor Alex Hogh Anderson and Bjorn Ironside, the part of whom is played by Alexander Ludwig.

Vikings season 6 part 2 release date

Vikings season 6, part 2―release date!

Vikings have run for a long time with more than five seasons, but now, it has been confirmed by History Channel that season 6 will be the last one. The creators do not even have a concrete reason behind their decision to end this show, but it is quite possible that the show is ending because of the degradation in the graph of viewers, especially when we saw Ragnar’s death. I mean, come on, it was pretty disappointing, and the show got boring after that turn of events.

Vikings season 6 part 2 is supposed to have 10 episodes. The first ten came out back on the 4th of December 2019 and aired on the Network till the 5th of February 2020. At this point in time, it is so sad to know that Vikings season 6, part 2, does not have a release date yet. But if we try to predict the launch date, it will most likely come out in the latter half of 2020. Even the fifth season of Vikings was divided into two parts: released in November of 2017 and then in November of 2018. Although, the fans hope it does not take this long to release the show.

Vikings season 6, part 2―What will it be all about?

By the time season 6, part 1 ended, we saw how Bjorn was lying on the floor after Ivar stabbed him, and it is also thought that Harald is dead. All this while, Ubbe and Torvi are in Iceland trying to find Floki, and it is tough to say what will episode 11 bring for us. But what is pretty sure for us is that they will serve us some final answers as to who will take the throne of Kattegat and what has really happened to Floki?

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