Money Heist Season 5: Shooting Has Resumed

Well, after we had a Money Heist season 4 back in April this year on Netflix, the streaming giant fans have not stopped thinking about how incredible the show is, and now they want a new installment as soon as possible, of course. All this while, it has been confirmed by the creators of Money Heist that season 5 is now official.

Although a piece of disappointing news came along with that, Netflix revealed that Money Heist season 5 would return, but it will be the show’s last installment. This is too bad because obviously, the people who have watched this show are in love with all the characters who literally go by the names of various countries/places, and seeing them go away would be so heartbreaking.

Money Heist Season 5-Lisbon and The Professor

Money Heist Season 5―Resumed Shooting and Netflix is thrilled to be back with another season!

Earlier this year, when Money Heist season 5 was confirmed, the cast and crew could not gather again on the set to resume the process of filming. This case was because of the ongoing pandemic that has rocked our worlds this year and, thus, stopped all the processes that are happening in the industry of entertainment. But as of right now, they are back, while filming and following all the safety guidelines issued by the government to fight against this fatal thing.

Alex Pina, from Netflix, has said addressing the fifth season of Money Heist that they have almost spent a year while thinking about how they would like to break up the whole band of masked robbers and put the Professor on the ropes while getting some characters into actually irreversible situations. Alex says that as a result, they have created Money Heist season 5 as in this installment, the whole audience is going to witness the war reaching its most extreme as well as savage levels. Still, it is also a very cool season that will prove to be exciting and epic.

Money Heist―Returning Cast Members!

If we go on a and try to talk about the success of this series, there is nothing that can compete with it. Obviously, the show is one of its own and brings Netflix enough revenue to create further seasons. This peak would not have been achieved by Money Heist if it was not for all the talented cast members employed, and from what we know, there is not going to be much of a shift in all the cast members for a new season of the show. Here is a short mention of pretty much all of them.

Ursula Corbero reprises the role of Tokyo, Alvaro Morte enacts the character of the Professor, Itziar Ituno does the part of Lisbon/Racquel, Esther Acebo reprises the role of Stockholm, Jaime Lorente enacts the character of Denver, Rodrigo De Los Angeles Serna does the part of Palermo, Darko Peric reprises the role of Helsinki, Miguel Herran enacts the character of Rio. In contrast, Pedro Alonso does the part of Berlin.

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