The Boys Season 3: Renewed By Prime Video!

The Boys season 3 was provided with a green light to create a fresh batch of episodes even before we had the second season of the show. Amazon Prime Video and its confidence in this diabolical series are so appalling. Well, obviously, there is no doubt in it because the show certainly changes our hopes and aspirations from the whole concept of superheroes. But then, as of right now, fans wonder what the new installment of The Boys possibly have in store for them, especially after all the loose ends and cliffhangers which we were left within season 2.

All this while, we have Eric Kripke, the man who serves as the showrunner of this truly iconic project, revealing into the media that at least four of the scripts from The Boys season 3 has been finished. When asked about the process of production, he disclosed that filming is expected to start soon. And this is why we are at your service, to provide you all the answers you need.

The Boys Season 3 has been renewed by Prime Video.

The Boys season 3―Release Date!

Well, it has been a success of The Boys to get an official confirmation for season 3 and gain the streaming platform’s trust. But as of right now, everything has been in the right place for resuming despite the pandemic going on right jow; we can expect production on The Boys season 3 starting in the early half of 2021. If everything we think goes as planned, then we can witness the release date of the third outing of The Boys in the Fall of 2021 at the earliest. If we try and predict a release date, which has not been mentioned right now, we can expect The Boys season 3 to come out by September of 2021 because The Boys season 2 release date was the 4th of September 2020.

We have acknowledged how The Boys season 2 has left all our characters in the middle of a precarious location. We saw how there were are a lot of heads exploding at the hearing of congressional. Still, the biggest twist came out when we saw that congresswoman Victoria Neuman was actually a secret Superhero and possessed telekinetic powers. When the second installment was about to end, we saw how Hughie began working with the supposed head exploder while the Seven’s crumble was practically huge.

The Boys: A Still From Season 2

The Boys season 3―What will happen in the new installment?

It was just because of a nut allergy that even Black Noir was taken down. All this while, we saw how Maeve has threatened to expose all of the secrets of Homelander to the world. Well, as you might have guessed it already, all the plot was so intense to take our minds off of it. But the real question is, what will happen in The Boys season 3? We guess that the new season will pick up exactly from the point it left everything barren, and even though not much is known, Stormfront is still alive.

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