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HBO Max Acquires StudioCanal’s Psychological Thriller “Possessions”

Well, well, well, the rights to Possessions, which is a series by Studio Canal, has provided all its rights to the online streaming service provided by HBO Max. The genre of this series excels in the department of psychology as well as a thriller. It will get a release date on his Warner Media streaming service later this year in December in the form of an international original.

Possesions is a show whose first installment is made up of six episodes. It surely a successful one and even has the potential to bring in loads of revenue. Obviously, there is a major role of cast members employed on the set in making Possessions a recognized TV show. The list includes Nadia Tereszkiewics, Dominique Valatie, Judith Chemla, Aloise Sauvage, Tcheky Karyo, Reda Kateb (Django), Ariane Ascaride, Noa Kohler, Tzahi Grad Roy Nik.


HBO max acquires StudioCanal’s psychological thriller “Possessions.”

Possesions―Plot of the French Story!

The plot of the series throws the entire spotlight on the character of Natalie, who is a young French expatriate currently residing in Israel. She is charged with the allegations of murder of her own husband exactly on their wedding night. Later in the show, as the story develops, all the audience can witness how Karin, who is a diplomat from France, slowly is falling in love with our main character but is not able to figure her personality out.

According to the official synopsis provided by the creators of this show, it has been said that Karim is eventually going to become obsessed with this case, and we will acknowledge him diving deeper into Natalie as well as the mysterious past which is currently held by the family of the woman he loves.

Possessions: A still from the french movie

Possesions―Information about the whole crew!

Possesions is a show whose task of creation has been handled pretty professionally by Shachar Magen. It should be known that Magen has worked on the set of previous iconic projects such as Sirens, which has gained huge amounts of success in the industry of entertainment. We also have Thomas Vincent, who has even been nominated for the BAFTA Awards and has worked on shows such as Bodyguard. The process of the filming of this show took place in Israel while the major languages employed were French, Hebrew as well as English.

A whole production firm has worked on creating Possessions, a masterpiece, and it is called Haut et Court TV. From their side, the group of production includes Caroline Benjo, Simon Arnal, Barbara Letellier, and Carole Scotta. The show has been co-produced by Eilon Ratzkovsky, Keren Misgav Ristvedt, and Osnat Nishi. StudioCanal has even revealed that this drama, which is full of clients fluent in the ways of quality in their writing, talent as well as production.

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