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Time Season 2 – Will We Get Another Season Of The Series?

Time Season 2
Time Season 2

Time Season 2 – Will we get another season of the BBC series? Time is a 2021 three-part TV series that premiered on BBC One. It is written by Jimmy McGovern, directed by Lewis Arnold. It first aired on 6 June 2021. If you have seen the captivating prison drama, the chances are that you are still reeling from it. It was probably one of the most intense series of this year. Don’t you agree?

The Executive producers of the Crime drama are Lewis Arnold, Lucy Richer, Sean Bean, Tom Sherry, Stephen Graham, Jimmy McGovern, and Michael Parke. The show was produced by Simon Maloney and distributed by BBC. The cinematography is done by Mark Wolf, and the Editor is Sacha Szwarc. The show has received positive reviews for portraying the real side of prison life.

Time has also showcased two legendary actors: Sean Bean and Stephen Graham. Bean plays the role of Mark Cobden, who is a former headteacher who has been thrown in jail for drunken driving. On the other hand, Graham portrays the role of Eric McNally, a prison officer who becomes increasingly frantic to protect his son. Now ever since the series ended on 20 June, the viewers have been wondering whether Time will get a second season? Why don’t you read on and find out for yourself if Time Season 2 will ever happen?

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Time Season 1 Recap

Before finding out whether Time will get a Season 2, let us have a quick recap of the 1st season of the show. Mark Cobden, a mild-mannered ex-head teacher, was ill-prepared for the bitter reality of the prison life he would go through. As it turned out, it was his compassion and soft spokenness that saved him. At the start of the show, he was harassed by another inmate and ultimately sought the assistance of a hardened and older inmate named Jackson Jones in order to retaliate. This also meant that Mark owed Jackson a favor. Little did he know that this would get him into trouble.

Time Season 2

Sean Bean as Mark Cobden in Time season 1

It was revealed that Jackson, the man who helped Mark, was actually the man behind the prison smuggling ring. That meant that he was also the same inmate who had been coercing prison guard Eric McNally into trafficking drugs. Mark was also forced to smuggle items out of the prison. This was because he was invited to speak at a conference out of prison, which was organized by Catholic chaplain Marie-Louise. However, he was just couldn’t do it and decided to give up. When he came back to prison, poor Mark was brutally attacked with a snooker ball. But another prisoner whom he had taught how to read earlier on saved him.

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What happened at the end of season 1 of Time?

Before getting to our main topic of whether or not we will get a Time Season 2, let us look at how the first season of the show ended. Eric was caught smuggling and admitted it. He explained that the reason he did it was to protect his son, who was also a prisoner at another jail. Even though he confessed, he was unwilling to give out any names for the sake of his son. After serving two years in prison rather than the four years he was sentenced for, Mark was released early.

In the end, he also sees Eric, his former personal support officer, who was also sentenced to four years in prison for helping with prison smuggling. In a flash-forward scene, we see Mark, who is now a free man interacting with Anne Warren. Anne happens to be the wife of the man he killed while drunk driving. The meeting is very tense and emotional. Anne says that she is not yet ready to forgive him as of now but will be able to do so in the future. Read on to find whether or not Time is renewed for a 2nd Season by BBC One. Also, Check Out the trailer of the show below.

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Who are the Cast and Characters?

Firstly we have Sean Bean as Mark Cobden, the former school teacher who gets imprisoned for drunken driving. Sean Bean is an English actor who is currently sixty-two years old. You might recognize him from the popular HBO show Game of Thrones, in which he played the character of Ned Stark. Even though his character was killed off in the first season itself, the character still remains one of the most popular ones from the show. His other notable works include the show Sharpe(1993-2008) and GoldenEye (1995).

Portraying the character of Eric McNally is Stephen Graham. In the show, McNally is the prison guard who is ultimately sentenced to four years of imprisonment for drug trafficking. When it comes to the actor, Stephen Joseph Graham is an English actor. The forty-eight-year-old is famous for playing the role of  Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne in the film This Is England and also in its television sequels This Is England ’86, This Is England ’88, and This Is England ’90.

We have Brian McCardie as Jackson Jones, the mastermind behind the prison drug smuggling. He is a Scottish actor and writer. McCardie is best known for his roles in the 2003 movie Mr. Barrington and the 1996 movies titled “kidnapped”. Time also stars James Nelson-Joyce as Johnno, Aneurin Barnard as Bernard, Nabil Elouahabi as Patterson, Kadiff Kirwan as Pete, Sue Johnston as June Cobden, Natalie Gavin as Jardine, Cal MacAninch as Galbraith, Hannah Walters as Sonia McNally, Terence Maynard as Kavanagh/”Kav”, Nadine Marshall as Alicia Cobden, Kevin Harvey as Paul McAdams, Michael Socha as Kenny Meadows, Jack McMullen as Daniel, David Calder as John Cobden, Siobhan Finneran as Marie-Louise and Jonathan Harden as Brendan Murphy.

Where can you watch Time Season 1?

We are getting to the topic of Time Season 2. But many of you might not have seen the first season yet and will be wondering whether you should give it a try. There is nothing to doubt; just go ahead and watch the first season. It is a miniseries, with the run time of each episode being 55-66 minutes, so you can finish it off quickly. Time has three episodes. While the first episode aired on 6 June. The following 2 episodes aired on 13th and 20th June, respectively. The show aired on BBC One at 9 pm It also alternatively aired on BBC iPlayer, so if you missed out during the broadcast of the series, you could watch it on BBC iPlayer.

Time Season 2

Sean Bean as Mark Cobden in Time series

Will there be a Time Season 2?

Let us come to the main topic now- Will there be a Time Season 2? It has not yet been announced if Time will be back for season 2 or if it’s a standalone mini-series. There has not been any confirmation or denial of a second season by BBC One. Time’s first episode just came out a few months back, so it’s doesn’t come as a surprise that no announcement of a second series has been made just yet. We know that the maker intended Time to be just a one-off miniseries. But we are hoping that its success and good critical reception will lead to one more season in the future. As of now, the fate of BBC One’s Time, beyond its first three episodes, is still unknown.

In the first season of the BBC one show, we got to see Mark Cobden (Sean Bean) and Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) have their fortunes reversed. While Mark is released early from his four-year sentence after having been saved from a vigorous attack by an inmate he had previously taught to read, Eric faces a four-year sentence for his part in the smuggling of drugs from the prison.

So what could a possible new season be about? It is possible that McNally will seek revenge on Mark Cobden for his imprisonment in season two. A second series exploring Eric’s Time in prison as an ex-prison guard would also be great. Will Mark get to keep his almost happy ending? Or will things take a turn for the worse? We would love to get the answers to these in a potential second season for Time.

And thus, we have come to the end of the article. Hope all your questions on Time season 2 were answered in this article.

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