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Bandish Bandits Season 2: Creators Reveal Future Plans

Bandish Bandits is a musical series for the web that has gained quite a popularity as well as acclaim from the critics along with the audience who saw it. This show has been created by Amritpal Singh Bindra with the partnership of Anand Tiwari. These guys have revealed to the news media platforms that they surely are considering making a second installment of Bandish Bandits even though it is really not the correct time to say anything officially.

They said that there definitely is thought making up space in their mind, and they are trying to develop the proper script by the writer for having a new season. Bindra and Tiwari say that they are trying to make as amazing Bandish Bandits season 2 as possible after getting the wholesome response in the first season. They concluded their statement by saying that they are not announcing about anything officially yet because of course, all the decision lies in the hands of Amazon Prime Video and how successful they think Bandish Bandits has proven itself to them.

Bandish Bandits Season 2: When will we have a new outing?

Bandish Bandits season 2―Not Renewed Officially By The Creators!

The creators say that this show is quite special to them, and it even is loved by so many people around the globe, and thus, they do not desire to spoil anything by telling much about a new season. They also say that it is their responsibility to deliver the best they could. They do realize that this new project of Bandish Bandita season 2 has to be better than the previous one or maybe should match its standard, and thus, they want to engage all their time into being productive and not spoil anything for the loyal fanbase of Bandish Bandits have created for itself.

Anand Tiwari disclosed that they had employed a few cliffhangers back in the first installment, of course, and there surely were some storylines that were not explored properly. He says it would be so interesting to explore these issues first in the upcoming installment. Still, because of their inability to be in the correct position, they really can not talk anything about Bandish Bandits season 2. After saying this, Tiwari took pleasure in knowing how people are curious about a new season, and this indicates to only one fact, that the show has done its work. He says the satisfaction he had as a show maker right then is inevitable.

Bandish Bandits season 2―What is so special about it?

When asked about why the crew members think that the story of Bandish Bandits is so special, Bindra replied that he wants to dive back deeper into the origin of the show. He reminisced about how one of his friends told him that their heir is trying to achieve mastery over a rag for 19 years now, and he is starting to understand it. He says in this world where we look for overnight success, some people are dedicated to their cultural art form, which makes Bandish Bandits unique.

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