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Van Helsing Season 5: Wraps Up Production Amid COVID-19

The franchise will get over after Van Helsing season 5, which is why people expect a lot of stuff and amazing content from their favorite show. They want their favorite series to finish off on its own terms while also providing closure to all its loyal fanbase.

Jonathan Lloyd Walker is the showrunner of Van Helsing who has inherited this responsibility from Neil Labute back in the fourth installment and recently assured all his followers on Twitter that production on Van Helsing season 5 is done, so there is not much time left for all of us to grab our popcorn buckets and see the conclusion of how Vanessa Van Helsing, our lead character ends her story arc. She is the descendant of the very famous vampire hunter who can reverse the conversion of humans into these bloodsucking creatures.

Syfy has Renewed Van Helsing Season 5

Van Helsing Season 5 ― Renewal Status of the show and new cast members!

After the renewal of Van Helsing season 5, Daniel March, a managing partner for the show on behalf of Dynamic Television, made an official statement. He said that they are all so very proud of Van Helsing and would absolutely love to thank Syfy and the iconic team that worked behind the camera to make the show successful. He says that the cast, along with the crew members, are pretty excited to end the chapter of this tale on its own terms and to provide their tale and all the characters with the loyal fans an ending which we all truly deserve.

As for the cast members, new actors and actresses are joining the list. We will see actress Kim Coates, Ali Liebert, Steve Bacic. Coates will reprise the role of Olivia’s husband, whose name is Count Dalibor, who is seen making some ludicrous choices even when he has the best interests at heart. Liebert is expected to enact the character of Nina, who is a vampire with a colorful past that even involved Julius along with a hidden and deadly scheme. Basic is set to play the Father’s role, who is a wild vampire and dresses up in animal skin and has been hiding in an abandoned place with a child.

Van Helsing season 5 ― Other Updates

Michael Frislev, the executive producer and the co-chair at Nomadic Pictures, made a statement regarding the new cast members in a press release after the process of production was restored on the set of Van Helsing. He said that Kim, Ali, as well as Steve, are full of talent, and they are pretty thrilled to welcome them into their family of Van Helsing. All this while, we have even seen lead actress Kelly Overton being in the background for the majority of Van Helsing season 4 because she was pregnant during filming. But this factor obviously provided the other characters with a chance to step up in the front.

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