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Castlevania season 4: Renewed For A New Season!

Castlevania season 4 is all set and ready to come back for a season 4, and along with it, we also have our magicians and the vampires continuing to fly freely around. Well, of course, this is a piece of pretty huge news for all the people who are in love with Castlevania on Netflix, the streaming giant. It has been since the launch of season 3 that fans were highly anticipated about Castlevania season 4, but as of right of now, it has been provided with a green light to create a further batch of episodes.

This great news was announced back on the 27th of March, the start of the lockdown period, by the team and creators of the show. As for the ongoing pandemic, which has been caused by the fatal Corona Virus, the new season is likely to get delayed too. After this, we can even expect Castlevania season 2 to come out by the middle of 2021.

Castlevania season 4 has been renewed

Castlevania season 4―Major Updates and Information

Castlevania adapts the plot for its show from a Japanese video game that goes by the same name. It has been created as well as designed by Konami. The whole series is a combination of drama and horror and dark fantasy with a gift of action. Castlevania, for the first time, rocked our worlds back on the 7th of July 2017 and has received three amazing seasons since then.

The task of creating Castlevania has been handled professionally by Warren Ellis, who is known for a variety of his comic book shows such as Red and Transmetropolitan. We have reviewed up to 22 episodes till now of the show with a set of mixed reviews plus critical claims posed by the audience who have binge-watched it all. Well, as for the spectacular visuals and writing, the show was praised enough by the audience and even the critics saying that it captures the whole attention of an audience.

Castlevania: A Still

Castlevania season 4―What is the plot of this vampire franchise?

Castlevania is an exciting story of the vampires, and it throws the entire spotlight on a strange couple falling in love, which consists of a Dracula and a human. But as we often see, this story surely does not have a happily ever after when Lisa, the wife of Dracula, gets brutally murdered. At this point, he decides to kill every being residing in Wallachia and sends his whole army, which is full of demons and other sorts of monsters.

All the people who try fail to stop him and his army, and they turn their eyes and potential hopes towards the Belmont family’s descendent. These guys have a proven legacy of being vampire hunters, and later in the show, we even find out that Trevor Belmont succeeds in vanquishing the fatal Dracula. This task is performed by him with the utmost care and also by combining his forces with that of the son of Dracula himself, whose name is Alcurd.

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