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Outer Banks Season 2 Has Been Renewed By Netflix

Outer Banks on Netflix, the streaming giant, has left most us wishing for a tan and fictional summer romance while we are on vacation. But more than anything right now, us fans require Outer Banks season 2 to quench our thirsts about what was season 1 finale all about. Well, to our surprise and good luck, Netflix has gone on to confirm the news that the show has been provided with a green light to create a further batch of episodes. At this point, the whole cast and the crew are set on production, which is taking place in Charleston, located in South Carolina.

The tale of Outer Banks throws the entire spotlight on the socioeconomic warfare that happens amidst the elite Kooks and the working class Pogues in the North Carolina region. This place is better referred to as the Outer Banks. This series’s trailer explains that it is the sort of place where either of two jobs slashes two houses. They even explain a choice between Two tribes and one island. The main focus of Outer Banks is laid on a treasure hunt meant for 400 million US dollars that are on a sunken ship. Well, this is not all; I mean, we also have a love triangle employed with various murder motives to satisfy all our thriller urges.

Outer Banks: A Still From season 1

Outer Banks season 2― Renewal Status and Cast Members!

Netflix put out an official statement that the Outer Banks season is a final thing back on July 24th. The first outing of this show came out on the 15th of April 2020. The show is obviously a successful one and has definitely brought in loads of revenue for Netflix. A majority shares of this success lies in the hands of all the talented cast members who were employed.

They are Chase Stokes reprising the role of John B, Madelyn Cline, enacting the character of Sarah Cameron, Madison Bailey playing the part of Kie, Jonathan Daviss reprising the role of Pope, Rudy Pankow enacting the character of JJ, Austin North playing the part of Topper. We also have actor Drew Starkey reprising Rafe’s role, Deion Smith enacting the character of Kelce, and Charles Esten doing the part of Ward Cameron. They are all coming back for Outer Banks season 2.

Outer Banks season 2 ― What was the major cliffhanger?

All this while, you guys should keep in mind that the announcement post for the news has also confirmed Outer Banks season 2 taking place in the Bahamas. They tipped it off with a caption that says they will see us in the Bahamas. Well, we also saw how the last season has crucially left us hanging in the middle. It was when we saw the Pogues discover gold within the depths of the sunken Royal Merchant. It is, at this point, that Ward, the father of Sarah, steals all the loot and frames John B for the murder. He even is a major hurdle in Sarah’s affair with John B.

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