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Bridgerton: Netflix Release Date Is Confirmed To Be December 25, 2020

Well, the tale of Bridgerton is entirely based on the romantic novels that have been penned down by author Julia Quinn. All this while, the upcoming film for the story can even count actress Nicola Coughlan from Derry Girls as well as Polly Walker from Line of Duty among its lead cast members. All this while, the creators have also employed the acting royalty, actress Julie Andrews in the position of the show’s narrator.

At this point in time, a first look has been at some of the characters that are set to appear in the series. It includes Phoebe Dynevor as well as Rege Jean Page in the form of romantic leads. Netflix, the streaming giant, has surely come forward to release a selection of pictures from the set of Bridgerton. The creators have even decided the time that we can finally have a hold of the series, and here is what we know.

Bridgerton: A Still From Season 1

Bridgerton ― Netflix release date!

Netflix has officially put out a word on the news media platforms that the people who are highly anticipated about the film will get to see the show on the platform on Christmas Day. Well, your holiday season is going to get rocked from the 25th of December onwards. Also, the official synopsis meant for the show lent out by Netflix says that Bridgerton throws the entire spotlight on Daphne Bridgerton, who is the eldest daughter of this powerful family.

We will see how she makes her debut onto the competitive marriage market set in Regency London. Daphne initially is hoping to follow the footsteps of her parents and find a match for herself, which is parked by true love. But we will see how her prospects will be unrivaled. Later in the scenes, we will witness how Daphne’s older brother starts to rule out potential suitors for her, and thus, this high society scandal sheet which has been written down by the mysterious Lady Whistledown casts the aspersions on Daphne.

Bridgerton: The Lead characters

Bridgerton ― What is the plot?

The show, Bridgerton, asks us to enter the highly desirable as well as rebellious Duke of Hastings, who is a committed bachelor and even the suitable catch for the mamas of the debutants for this season. Despite the fact that both of these characters deny wanting nothing that the opposite party has to offer, the whole audience can acknowledge how their attraction is undeniable.

We will see all the sparks flying as our favorite characters find themselves burdened by an increasing battle of wits. But nevertheless, what they want, they truly have to navigate through what society expects of them. Also, a trailer is much needed at this point in time but has not been provided by Netflix yet. The platform surely has given us a variety of images in the form of a first look at several characters in the series.

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