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Batwoman Season 2: Set Images Revealed

Batwoman season 2 set photos to provide us with the first look at actress Javicia Leslie in the role of Ryan Wilder. It was when the first season of Batwoman finished off that all the fans were left with a surprising cliffhanger that will surely help in setting up an exciting season 2. However, it was seen how the Arrowverse was thrown for a loop when their lead Batwoman actress, that is, Ruby Rose who enacted the character of Kate Kane since 2018 crossover event Elseworlds quit the newest series just after one season.

There has been a lot of media coverage on this topic since then. Even Rose has spoken about the event and described it as a strain that was put on her. There were a variety of speculations about who will be cast in the form of the new Kate Kane but then, we saw how fans received another surprise when they came to know that Batwoman would now be a completely different character.

Batwoman season 2 ― Set images revealed!

Javicia Leslie was later officially cast in the role of new Batwoman lead back in July and was quick to gain the support of Ruby Rose as well as Grant Justin, a fellow star in the Arrowverse. She is set to play the original character, that is, Ryan Wilder. Thus a person has been described as the opposite of Kane. Batwoman season 2 was put under the process of production earlier this month and as of right now, fans can get their glimpse of Leslie in action.

A news media outlet on Twitter namely Canadagraphs, are the ones to provide the first images of Leslie on the set of Batwoman season 2. At this point in time, the actress is not wearing her Batsuit yet but she is surely set in a centre of an action scene. These setup pictures disclose Ryan in the middle of what looks like a holdup at a convenience store. Not to be surprised or anything, we see how Ryan does not simply sit back and take all of the lying down, she gets up and fights back. This obviously looks like to be one of these ‘heroes in the making process’ moments. You guys can check these photos out below.

Batwoman season 2 ― What will the outing be about?

It should be noted that these pictures could be from the second episode of Batwoman season 2 but obviously, nothing is confirmed right now. Nonetheless, ut can be predicted that Batwoman is trying to establish the heroic side of Ryan pretty quickly. At this point in time, Ryan is totally a new character so the audience does not have a variety of opinions about her. But if the plot does a good job at proving that it Ryan who is worthy to be a Batwoman replacement, then nothing is going to matter. By doing this, there is no doubt that all the loyal fans of Arrowverse are going to start rooting for her right away.

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