Zendaya Dishes On A Possible ‘Bridge Episode’ Before Euphoria Season 2


HBO’s Euphoria is definitely one of the most provoking TV shows which encompasses everything wrong that happens in today’s world. Euphoria is an American Tv series based on an Israeli miniseries of the same name. It first came out in June 2019. And, immediately grabbed all the attention due to its strong and pretty dark theme. The teenagers in the show experience the world of drugs, sex, relationships, and friendships. However, Euphoria was about to launch its season 2 this year, but, sadly, we all know the pandemic happened.

While the fans are waiting impatiently for the next season, Zendaya (Rue) has slipped some updates for the fans. Star, who plays the major role in the show, recently delivered good news for the fans. Recently, Zendaya was on a live talk show (virtual) and revealed that the show might get a bridge episode before the fans witness season 2. Zendaya has also gained an Emmy nomination for her portrayal in this HBO Tv series.

So, let’s go ahead and get to know more about the new season and possible bridge episode:

Zendaya’s Revelation Of The Good News

Emmy nominee and the lead cast of the show, Zendaya was recently on The Jimmy Kimmel! Live show. And, she was interviewed by the guest host, Bens Platt. While speaking to Platt, she revealed that the producers of the show are currently working on a bridge episode with a limited crew before season 2.

She also told, how they are trying to figure out how to eventually create season 2. And, bring the best out of it while also keeping everyone safe. And, so, they might end up doing a little bonus episode. Zendaya said she really does not know how to describe it but a bridge episode will be done in a safer environment with a lesser crew. So, that the fans will have something to enjoy and live on until season 2 appears.

She mentioned how she and the whole cast was already done with table reads and costume fittings. And, right when they were to start the filming, everything was shut down.

When Can We Witness Season 2 Of Euphoria?

The release date for season 2 is still a mystery for the viewers. Earlier HBO mentioned that the second season will come out in 2020. However, the filming was halted and season 2 is still not completed for teh audience. No official statement has been out by HBO. But, we might expect the show to come in the next year.

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