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Kota Factory Season 2: Confirmed By The Creators

We know how last year, everyone was just talking about Kota Factory. Well, there surely were some sort of critics who said the plot of this series is not apt to the actual culture of coaching that exists in Kota. But obviously, the whole country was in love with the show and asked for a fresh batch of episodes. Also, there is nothing in Kota Factory that you would not love.

It literally has everything, and the list includes friends, girlfriends, studies, and other struggles in the life of a student who comes from studying. We see how these kids are so far away from their parental homes but are still finding a way to create new homes. The nostalgia hits the peak point when we see the midnight trips to have some chai.

Jeetu Bhaiya From Kota Factory

This is why no one can deny the fact that they are rooting a Kota Factory season 2, but then again, will TVF, the creators of the series, ever give their approval for it? Well, if we go on and try to discuss a potential release date, then you guys would be disappointed to know that there is none. In India, TVF is very popular among the youth because it generally releases all sorts of quality content only. This is why we can expect it to create a second season after two to three years only.

Also, this literally has become a trend for TVF, and thus, there is nothing we can do about it. The show is a top-rated digital series released by TVF to this date. It has gone on to receive over 2.5 crores of views per episode. Given the success of the show, there literally is huge pressure on both the writer as well as the producers, and this is why the show is being subjected to a delay.

But well, to look on the brighter side of thing, Kota Factory season 2 surely has been provided with a green light. The news about it was officially released by the three creators of the show, who have confirmed it in a live stream video. They said that the process of production is underway while the filming for a new season is almost done. This means that Kota Factory season 2 is just around the corner for us. We can expect TVF to release Kota Factory season 2 by early 2021. It would have been earlier, but then we saw how the Corona Virus rocked our worlds.

Also, Jeetu Bhaiya will be available in Kota Factory season 2. Also, if the situation of a pandemic does not stabilize, there is still a chance that the series might be subjected to another delay. A person can watch the second season of the show on YouTube as well as the TVF app when it comes out. Right now, if you want to see this iconic series once again, YouTube is the destination you should head over to.

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