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The Promised Neverland Season 2: Renewal and Release Date

The Promised Neverland season is anticipated by every fan but is it ever going to happen? This series follows the manga, which goes by the same name and has been created by Kaiu Shirai. All this while, its illustration has been done by Posuka Demizu. The whole show is set in the Grace Field House, an isolated orphanage and a home to dozens of kids.

To put it in words, it is a bit of an idyllic place to live. Here, the children are looked after by their Mom, that is Isabella, eat good food, and receive a good amount of education. The plot throws the entire spotlight on Emma and her two friends, that is, Norman and Ray, who find the horrifying truth which lies behind their existence. After this knowledge, they set out on a journey to escape all of this.

The Promised Neverland season 2 has been renewed.

The Promised Neverland has garnered positive responses from both the audience as well as the critics after it came out with season 1 back in 2019. The show was praised for its unique art style as well as visuals along with all the great writings which have been done. They also appreciated how the development of the character arc was done very beautifully, along with an atmosphere full of dread.

The Promised Neverland can be considered as one of the most unique animated series that have been made in recent times. All the 12 episodes of the show are packed with twists and turns, keeping the viewers engaged in its plotline. Also, The Promised Neverland season 2 was promised by the creators when they provided a major cliffhanger at the conclusion of season 1.

The Promised Neverland season 2 ― Renewal Status and Release Date

It was confirmed back in the early half of 2019 itself that The Promised Neverland season 2 had been provided with a green light. Its initial air date was expected to in 2020, but then, the whole production got delayed by the pandemic created by the fatal Corona Virus. As of right now, it has been scheduled to release later in January of 2021. Also, outside of the new series, even the popularity of the franchise is expected to expand.

The Promised Neverland season has been made sure if, but in addition to that, alive and Japanese action film is also arriving. Japan will have the release of this tale in December of 2020, and the cast is led by actress Minami Hamabe doing Emma and Keiko Kitagawa as Isabella. All this while, the film will present these characters slightly aged up than they were in the source material. Even Amazon has set its eyes on The Promised Neverland. Back in the early half of 2020, the news came out that Amazon Prime Video has been trying to make an American remake show of The Promised Neverland with Rodney Rothman, the man who has co-directed Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse.

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