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Colour Photo: Release Date and Posters

Vijay Deverakonda, an actor, belonging to the southern part of India, generously reviewed the release of a film called Colour Photo. This Telegu flick can also be considered his latest, and Vijay did this task back on the 26th of October 2020. The actor went on to cast a shadow of appreciation on all the efforts done by the employed cast as well as the crew members on the set of Colour Photo.

Vijay also revealed a potential poster of this film in front of his 9.3 million audiences. When he started talking about the tale, he disclosed with high anticipation about his acknowledgment of many friends who have come together in order to make this cute as well as touching and sensitive film.

Vijay, who is 31 years in age, says he knows how much this project of Colour Photo means to everyone. He also added that everyone went on to perform their assigned tasks terrifically well. He even tagged along with the lead actors of the film when he got along with the conversation about the film. As a result, he praised the talented performances done by actor Suhas as well as Chandni. Vijay gifted his special love for Suhas while for the actress, he wrote how she made him miss someone in just a few seconds of the film.

Previous works of Vijay Deverakonda includes being Arjun Reddy. He has so been known as the Viva Harsh, screentime of the supporting character. He also revealed that when Colour Photo was in production, everyone present there had an excellent time. They all immediately started laughing when he came on the screen to do his role. As a conclusion to his sentimental review, Vijay went to say a huge congratulations to Sandeep Raj and Saira Zesh. He also praised their efforts of picking up a topic as unusual as this and then converting it into something so beautiful.

Release Date, Review, and Plot

Romance, along with drama, can be considered as the main two themes represented by Colour Photo. Sandeep Raj established himself as a director with Colour Photo as his debut project. The film available right now to watch on Aha, an online streaming platform. The release date of the tale was set to be the 23rd of October 2020. The location of the story is set in Machilipatnam, and the timeline is of the 90s.

Amrutha Productions has joined their forces with Loukya Entertainment to handle the responsibility of the production of this film. Till now, Colour Photo has received positive responses from both, audience as well as the critics alike. According to IMDb, the tale has bagged an excellent rating of 8.7 out of 10. In the film, we see the director exploring some severe issues prevalent in Indian society, such as inequality along with prejudice.

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