Netflix Announced Season 2 Of Its Drama Series ‘The Witcher’ for 2021

Netflix Announced Season 2 Of Its Drama Series 'The Witcher' for 2021

We have been a little bit curious about when we would get our head back to the dark fantasy world, so it is all set to come back for Netflix’s most popular series, The Witcher. A ‘making of’ series the Witcher: A Look Inside the Episodes premiered on Netflix in September 2020. Before the release of season 1, Netflix had announced for the second eight episodes season, which seems to be released in 2021. For those new to the series, ‘The Witcher’ follows the journey of Geralt, a mutant and Witcher who is hired for slaying monsters. He believes that people are wicked than these beasts.

Yennefer, a sorceress, loses her fertility at the cost of her new beautiful body and gets rid of her ugly hunchback body. Jaskier, a bard who becomes a companion of Witcher and writes about incidents of Witcher’s bravery. Law of surprise binds Geralt to take the responsibility of Princess Cirilla. Yennefer to regain her fertility plans to grant her wish from Djinn, but Geralt uses his final wish for Yennefer from Djinn. Geralt doesn’t reveal his final wish, which bound Geralt and Yennefer fates together. The last scene of the last episode ends with Geralt meeting his destiny, princess Cirilla. But that is not the end of the series. There is a lot to dive into Witcher’s story.

After premiered on Netflix, the series proved wrong to critics who compared it with Game of Thrones just because of the common theme, but it really had a different story revolving around horror magic and fate. The Witcher has too many monsters as compared to Game of Thrones. In a small scene, we find dragons for a short interval of time. Witcher is also adapted from a book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

Netflix Announced Season 2 Of Its Drama Series 'The Witcher' for 2021

Viewers who keep on looking for genres of dark fantasy, adventure action, and horror then don’t look anywhere. This series has all the ingredients of supernatural elements, evils, or monsters. IMDb has rated it 8.2/10. It was the third most demanding streaming web-series followed by Stranger Things and The Mandalorian revealed by Parrot Analytics. The powerful background provides a chilling effect on the visuals.

Netflix has revealed itself about all cast, including new characters. Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri will return for season 2. Lambert, played by Paul Bullion, and Coen, played by Vasen Atour, are the new cast, new witchers reported by a News Leak.

Netflix Announced Season 2 Of Its Drama Series 'The Witcher' for 2021

In October 2020, Netflix shared photos of Ciri and Yennefer and new armor of Geralt for season 2. In August 2020, Netflix has also confirmed with a tweet that shooting has been resumed. Production is in full swing after a global pandemic, but an official premiered date has not been released yet. A report said that a new installment of the Witcher with all of its eight episodes would be completed by July 2021, and the show will be premiered a month later in august 2021, the same as season 1.

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