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Updates and Development of the Upcoming PS5 Game, Godfall

Godfall is a forthcoming video game that has been developed by Counterplay Ganes while its publications have been done by Gearbox Publishing. The genre of this project excels in action as well as playing different roles. The release of this game will be done on PlayStation 5 as well as Microsoft Windows. The Godfall release date has been set to the 12th of November 2020. The modes included in this project are single-player along with multi-player.

The setting of this game has been done in a high fantasy setting. Everything has been split into realms of Earth, Water, Fire, Air as well as Spirit. In this location, all the players will be allowed to take up one of the last exalted Knight’s Orders to prevent a major apocalyptic event. All the players are provided with 5 weapon classes that they can choose from. All of these are based on the equipment taken by which armor sets and the Valorplates by the players.


Godfall: A Still

Here are the features of the game!

The classes of weapon here include the longsword dual blades, polearm, and a two-handed war hammer. We also have a two-handed great sword. Well, in order to customize how the character class plays out, the game even provides all the players with some additional Valorplates as well as Augments that can be equipped. The project even supports single-player and does this up to three players in drop-in and drop-out cooperative mode.

The creators of this project have dubbed their game as a looter slasher. It is because Godfall is based on the concept of loot shooter of completing all these missions as well as gaining a better loot for further quests. All this while, you guys should know that the focus of the whole combat is on melee attacks rather than being on the raged ones.

Here is how it was developed!

If we talk about the development of this game, then you guys should know that Counterplay Games is a studio with 75 employs located in California. They also have a few developers that have worked on other loot shooters projects and games such as Destiny 2. Their previous game was Duelyst. We later saw how Counterplay engaged with Kowloon Nights to gain funding.

It was done to help develop Godfall by September of 2018 in the form of a Triple-A title while also avoiding some of the struggles they had with funding Duelyst through a Kickstarter campaign. The world that has been set up in Godfall took inspiration from The Stormlight Archive as well as The First Law and the Foundation series. All this while, the gameplay from the Monster Hunter series has inspired a variety of weapons and some of the combo mechanics.

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