Cobra Kai Season 3: Here Are The Latest Deets!

All the fans have now started to wonder when Cobra Kai season 3 will release, and thus, here is all that we know about it. The second outing of Cobra Kai can be considered as a continuation of The Karate kid story. The installment of Youtube created a rivalry between Johnny Lawrence as well as Daniel LaRusso. William Zabka does the part of Lawrence. Ralph Macchio enacts the character of LaRusso. In season 2, we saw Daniel open up his own karate dojo. He called it Miyagi Do.

This was done to prevent the influence of Cobra Kai to spread across the whole San Fernando Valley. Cobra Kai Season 1 exceeded all the expectations of the fans. It was declared far better than the TV series. The show smartly adapted on the nostalgia for The Karate Kid films. The audience also experiences clever comebacks throughout the season. But, some new endearing characters have also been developed by this YouTube show. The list includes Xolo Mariduena reprising the role of Miguel, who is the prize pupil of Johnny.

Cobra Kai season 3

What are the chances of Season 3?

The list also has Mary Mouser enacting the character of Samantha, who is the daughter of Daniel. All this while, we see Robby, the estranged son of Johnny, becoming Daniel’s student. Tanner Buchanan plays the part of Robby. He also comes to live with Daniel and starts dating Sam. This creates a love triangle, including Miguel, who is the ex-boyfriend Sam. Season 1 ended with Miguel winning the All Valley Karate Championship. The surprise came in for Johnny when his old sensei John Kreese suddenly entered his life.

Conclusion of Cobra Kai season 2 saw unfortunate events strike the career of both Dojo well as Johnny. It was because a sensei was completely upended. Daniel did not look great either through these happenstances. Cobra Kai Season 3 has been provided a green light. According to its original schedule, the show was meant to release in 2020. But now, the delay eventually happened because Netflix, the streaming giant, acquired all rights to the show. This means the series has to relocate its release platform.

Cobra Kai Season 3, Release Date

It was delayed further so that the streaming platform would have some time to introduce its subscribers to seasons 1 and 2. Cobra Kai Season 3 will release on the 8th of January 2021. YouTube Premium has earned quite a lot of appraising for Cobra Kai. But now, this Google-owned streaming outlet is moving away from original scripted programming. While, Sony TV, a production studio, has brokered a deal with Netflix to have Cobra Kai season 3 and even produce a season 4, which is currently in plans.

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