It Chapter 3 Might Never Happen: Know Here

It Chapter 2: The second chapter might not have performed as well as the first installment did, looking at the box office earnings. It went on to garner 473 million US dollars. As of right now, there still is plenty of chance for a third outing to happen in the future. We still might have a lot of adventures with Pennywise and the Loser’s Club in-store. However, the disappointment comes when we acknowledge that these two stories have exhausted all the content written in classic horror novel tales by Stephen King. But then again, when has a lack of content stopped directors and producers?

In 2019, in an interview, Andy Muschietti, the director of Its films, revealed that the sequel felt like a conclusion. The conclusion to the story is shared by Pennywise as well as the Loser’s Club. All this while, there certainly exists a resolution which does not immediately set up another film. In the sequel, we have seen how our club goes to Derry once again to defeat Pennywise once and for all. Obviously, if they don’t do it, everyone will die before even getting a chance.

It Chapter 3

It Chapter 3, Will it happen?

Thus, they all stick around for one final battle with Pennywise, and as we saw, they win. The sequel portrayed our group overcoming their fears and making Pennywise feel small. Thus, they crush his heart and free themselves from his chains. They also free Derry from the clasps of this evil clown. Later on, we see them getting ahead with their lives; only this time, they remember what happened. This time, Mike finally leaves Derry behind in the final shot of the film.

Also, if we want an It Chapter 3, we would have to bring back the Loser’s Club and Pennywise, and by doing either, it would cheapen the ending posed by Chapter Two. All this while, the director did leave some key information from the two books by Stephen King. But the content in the tales described everything and largely cover the entire story of the Losers. Thue, there possibly is no chance of a third installment or chapter. But we should not lose hope. Maybe there still is a way through which the It franchise could continue.

Although, this has to be done by breaking the norms of a conventional Chapter 3. Bill Skarsgard, the actor who did Pennywise’s role, has confirmed that he has spoken with Muschietti about It Chapter 3 and how it could be. He teased all the fans by saying the tale is not at all like what everyone expects. Also, saying that a third installment would be something different. He added that the first two stories are the book and th3 second film is the end of that content. He said that this is why they would have to do something really off the hook.

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