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James Cameron Experience Real-Life Underwater Dives To Prepare Cast For Avatar Sequel

Director James Cameron earlier revealed that Avatar 2 is going to be big. Both in budget and the idea. Cameron gave us a sneak peek to some more new updates regarding Avatar 2. It is said that Cameron is preparing the sequel with some real-life underwater dives. Indeed, Cameron wants to give his audience a true and worthy film. Avatar 1 was remarkable and had some of the best CGI and motion capture work. And, Cameron is trying to double the effects and brilliance in his sci-fi wonder, Avatar sequel.

Moreover, we will continue to see the magic in the world of Pandora four times. As it was revealed earlier that Avatar will have 4 parts in total. The movie is slightly late for the sequel but it will definitely make up for the time that has passed. Without much further ado, let’s get to know more information regarding the upcoming movie:

The Real-Life Ocean Experience

According to sources, Avatar 2 will be focusing on spending more time in Pandora. So, to give it a more lifelike experience Cameron is exploring the ocean world along with the crew. Producer, Jon Landau has been constantly sharing behind the scene pictures of the making of Avatar 2. His latest one features Cameron and star Sigourney Weaver talking while Landau explains the whole scenario in the caption.

He captioned the picture and wrote, “Before starting performance capture on the @Avatar sequels, we took the cast to Hawaii to experience the beauty of the underwater world.” Looks like Cameron and Weaver just had their dives.

It looks like Cameron requires dives as some personal research for the sequel. Cameron’experience will help the actors who will be working on the real set of the movie. Some other behind the scene shots have introduced us to the new aquatic techniques being used for the movie. It will be very exciting to see it come to life. However, we have to wait a little longer to experience and meet the people of Pandora. As the pandemic has influenced the filming of the movie. The movie will come in December 2022 as Disney pushed back the release date by a year.

Who Will Be Seen In The Movie?

We are expecting to see the same cast in the sequel as well. Updates on addition or removal of any character are not out yet. So, the already know cast includes, Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, CCH Pounder as a Moat, Britain Dalton as Loak, Duane Evans jr. as Rotxo

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