King Richard: Will Smith Acts in the Main Role for Tennis Biography

King Richard is an upcoming American film, excelling in the department of biography and drama. Reinaldo Marcus Green has directed this project. Zach Baylin has written it. The film throws its entire spotlight on Richard Williams. He is the father and coach of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. The film has a diverse cast list which is studded with stars. Producers of the film are Will Smith and Tim White. They also work together with Trevor White and James Lassiter. The film is produced under the banner of two production companies. They are Overbrook Entertainment as well as Star Thrower Entertainment.

The movie, King Richard, is going to portray the life of tennis superstars. We will witness Venus and Serena Williams become the biggest women tennis stars the world has ever seen. This is done after they receive coaching from their father. King Richard stuck to his children from a very young age and trained them into proper athletes. His role in both these tennis star siblings’ success was clinical, and this film will try to tell that story.

King Richard
King Richard: Images from Film Set

The cast of the list of this film includes Will Smith reprising the role of Richard Williams. Also, Aunjanue Ellis enacts the character of Oracene Brandy Price, also known as Brandy Williams. Saniyya Sidney will play the part of Venus Williams. We also have Demi Singleton reprises the role of Serena Williams. Jon Bernthal will enact the character of Rick Macci.

Tony Goldwyn will play the part of Paul Cohen. Susie Abromeit is going to reprise the role of Robin Finn. Then, Dylan McDermott is set to enact the character of Will Hodges. Katrina Begin will play the part of Anne Worcester. Judith Chapman will reprise the role of Nancy Reagan. Noah Bean will do the character of Steven.

Development and Release Date

This project, called King Richard, was announced back in March of 2019. Will Smith will play the role of Richard Williams in the film. At the same time, we saw Warner Brothers winning the bidding war for the film. Reinaldo Marcus Green was set as a director later in June. Later in January of 2020, the cast list was updated. New members joined the set of King Richard. The process of principal photography started in June of 2020. The location was Los Angeles.

According to the California Film Commission, approximately 35.6 billion US dollars were spent by the state. 7.5 million US dollars were returned in tax credits. Well, a release date for the film is decided. Also, King Richard releases on the 19th of November 2021. Previously, it was supposed to do so on the 25th of November 2020. Delays happened this year in 2020. We saw the fatal Coronavirus rocking our worlds to create the pandemic. It, in turn, made way for a potential lockdown. Thus, the industry of entertainment had to shut down.

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