Raising Dion Season 2: Netflix’s Kids Show to Release Late 2021

It is a popular series that is made for television. Carol Barbee has done the task of creating it. The tale is adapted from a comic book that goes by the same name. It has been written by writer Dennies Liu. Jason Piperbag has done the illustration of the book. We will witness Nicole Reese, who herself is barely coping up with the loss of her husband. She tries all that she can to raise her son, that is, Dion, in the best way, which is possible.

But later through the scenes, we see how Dion has started developing mysterious powers. Thus, everything almost proves too much for her. In doing so, she goes on to get help from her late husband’s best friend, that is, Pat. He is also the godfather of his son. He seemingly feels responsible towards them and, thus, helps them throughout. The series first released in the latter half of 2019. After that, it became one of the most popular shows that were available on Netflix, the streaming giant. If you are a fan of this family drama that has a hint of science and fiction and are seeking out information regarding Raising Dion season 2, you have come to the right place.

Raising Dion Season 2

Release Date

Raising Dion Season 1 came out on the 4th of October 2019. It dropped off all its episodes at once on Netflix. The installment was made up of nine episodes, and each ran for approximately 38 to 50 minutes. Later, in January of 2020, the creators renewed Raising Dion for a season 2. It was initially scheduled to start the process of production sometime in 2020 itself. Season 2 is supposed to have episodes running for eight hours. If everything runs according to the creators’ schedule, then we will most likely see Raising Dion Season 2 at some point in 2021.

Cast members Returning

The cast list of Raising Dion season 2 will be as diverse as it was in season 1. We will have Alisha Wainwright reprising the role of Nicole Reese. Ja’Siah Young enacts the character of the titular Dion, that is, Nicole’s son. Jazmyn Simon plays the part of Kat, the older sister of Dion. Sammi Haney reprises the role of Esperanza Jimenez. He becomes the best friend of Dion when he begins his journey at a new school.

Jason Pitter is set to enact the character of Pat Rollins. Michael B. Jordan is one of the executive producers of this show. He even plays the role of Dion’s late father, that is, Mark Warren. He gives his appearance in some episodes of the series. Except for some of them, we can speculate almost all the characters employed in Raising Dion Season 1, to come back again in Season 2.

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