Grand Army Season 2: Expectations for the New Installment

As a person knows how teenage drama shows are everything at the streaming giant Netflix. Thus, we have seen that the Grand Army is becoming the latest obsession of people. We have witnessed the first semester in the series coming and going. As if right now, fans have started wondering what might be in store for them in Grand Army season 2.

The show throws the entire spotlight on five high school students who are struggling to survive and navigate the boundaries which are set in their paths from becoming the one they want to. They’re a lot of ways this is being done. The list includes panic-inducing bomb threats to deal with, as well as some of the tense protests to go down. Nevertheless, it is for sure that the first season of this original Netflix drama was really thrilling.

Will it ever happen?

Till now, the platform has not announced anything regarding a renewal status. Thus, a Grand Army season 2 is currently not on cards at Netflix. Let’s keep in mind that the series has just been released in early October on Netflix. This is why it is very early to say anything about a lineup. Like Netflix, online streaming platforms like to take up to 2 to 3 months before confirming a follow-up series. It will surely be a topic of interest if we have another installment of the Grand Army by Netflix.

All this while, even though Grand Army season 2 has not been officially confirmed, the audience is wondering about when it might actually release (If it had been confirmed). If Netflix makes up its mind and decides that all the fans should have more of this Netflix original teen drama by Katie Cappiello, then the place where a red mark should be on the calendar is a year or maybe two away. Yes, you heard that right.

Release Date?

Given the fact that there is a pandemic going on, we also have no official renewal. When every material is ready and a season 2 is cooked, it might be a year or two. Even though all the production processes are getting online, Netflix will still be very cautious before providing anything with a green light. The earliest this series can return is the latter half of 2021. But we should always have hopes for its renewal.

It is because the series has a high viewership rate, and obviously, Netflix adores such shows. But we should always remember that this is all just a speculation at the time, and Netflix has made no announcement like this regarding the future of the Grand Army. Without anything concrete, it is tough to make out who will fill the roster for Grand Army season 2. Probably the lead cast members are set to return.

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