Money Heist Season 5 Won’t Release Till The End of 2021

Money Heist Season 5 is all that the fans can talk about right now. It is an international Netflix web show which is also known as La Casa de Papel. The series is officially set to return for a fifth as well as a final season. Here, for your convenience, we have listed down every that we know so far about Money Heist season 5. This series holds the current record of being the most-watched non-English title on the streaming giant.

And then once again, the show has smashed all of the previous records that it itself set. Money Heist Season 4 has racked up 65 million views now. Before we get to the sections where we will discuss season 5, here is a reminder for you guys to check out the accompanying documentary released on the 3rd of April 2020. It is called Money Heist: The Phenomenon. It took a long time for Netflix to realize that season 5 should come.

Money Heist Season 5
Money Heist: Official Poster

Money Heist Season 5 ― Has the show been renewed?

They greenlit the series later in August of 2020 when the fourth season came out in April of the same year. They posted on their official Twitter account saying that the highest now officially comes to an end. Alex Pina has also written on this account that they have spent a lot of time, maybe a year thinking about how to break up the whole band and put The Professor on Ropes. They wanted to have a situation that will prove to be irreversible for most of the characters.

Alex says that all of this is combined in the final result of La Casa de Papel where the war is set to reach its most extreme and savage level but it will also be epic and one heck of an exciting season. Even when the official renewal status was not provided to Money Heist season 5, it was pretty much obvious that we will have a Money Heist season 5. Alex Pina along with his team if directors have repeatedly informed the news media outlets that they are already thinking about a new installment.

Money Heist Season 5 ― Release Date?

Later in May 2020, Alex in one of his interviews said that season 5 is already in the works and it is going to come for sure but he could not confirm much about it because obviously, the final decision will be made by Netflix of course. Alex Rodrigo is one of the directors of Money Heist. When asked about how the creators are planning to close this series off, he said that they want to do so in style and exactly how all the fans imagine a dream. In the early half of July 2020, it was confirmed by Alex Pina that he is still writing the fifth season of the show with a glamorous picture of the showrunner in their office made in the garden. Pina has tagged alongside his picture in the office which translates to the fact that he is writing La Casa de Papel 5.

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