Deepika Padukone Charges 15 Crores INR For Upcoming Film Pathan – Film to Star SRK and John Abraham

Deepika Padukone can be considered as one of the finest actresses in Bollywood. As of right now, the iconic star is making headlines after she has demanded a hefty amount of salary for her upcoming film, that is, Pathan. Siddharth Nigam is set to direct the whole film. All this while, you guys should know that Deepika will go on to star on contrary to the King of Bollywood. For those of you guys who have no idea, it is Shah Rukh Khan.

Well, the duo is again starring with each other. Their first film together was Om Shaanti Om which was also the first film that Deepika Padukone ever did. This project literally was made one of the most cherished creations of Bollywood and an instant hit. Later through the years, we have seen them doing other successful films together such as Chennai Express as well as Happy New Year.

Deepika Padukone Charges 15 Crores for Pathan; John Abraham set at 20 Crores!

Well, if you are wondering about the amount that the actress will charge to shoot herself in Pathan, then you are at the right place. As guessed by the title of this article, it is a whopping 15 Crore Indian Rupees. I mean, yes you have read it correctly and if you are shocked then I don’t blame you at all. The genre of this tale is set to exceed in the department of action as well as thrill. Obviously, the audience in India is pretty excited about this tale and there even is some craze about it in the international audience.

Pathan has been provided with a special budget for the production of this tale. You guys should know that it is nothing less than 200 Crore Indian Rupees. The creators here are trying to make one of the most loved movies that have ever set foot in the Indian Cinema. Another cast member who might join this project is actor John Abraham. Reportedly, John himself wants 20 Crore Indian Rupees for himself in order to appear in this upcoming tale. This budget obviously increases the expectations of all these cast members.

Pathan ― Updates about the forthcoming film!

Abraham is set to play the role of the main antagonist in this tale. He will be the most powerful villain in the film. Also, it is a Bollywood movie and thus, some action sequences packed with power are a must. Well, all this while, we do not have the reports which suggest how much Shah Rukh Khan is charging for his appearance in the film. I mean, the price tag will surely go above 20 Crore Indian Rupees.

This is just speculation and no official news has released regarding it. Also, there is not much information available regarding Pathan and its release date. It is because the story has been kept tightly under wraps and no one is telling much about it. Filming of Pathan will start next month and it will release by the end of 2021.

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