Biggest Opening for The Demon Slayer – Earns About 270 Million NT in Taiwan

Well, you guys should know that The Demon Slayer, also known as, Kimetsu no Yaiba ― The Movie: Mugen Train has gone on to earn about 270 million NT. This estimate is about 1 billion Yen or 9.53 million US dollars. This result has come forward after the release of this film in Taiwan after 10 days in the Taiwanese box office.

The film came out in the country back on the 30th of October 2020 and has sold up to 470,000 tickets. This means, that a whopping amount of 117 million Taiwanese dollars has been gained by the creators. Just within three days, the film has become the highest opening animated film in the history of Taiwan. It has even surpassed the count of Frozen 2 as well as Your Name.

The Demon Slayer
The Demon Slayer: A still from the movie

The Demon Slayer earns up to 270 million NT in Taiwan itself!

This film, that is, The Demon Slayer, can be considered as the highest-earning film around the world in 2020. This result comes when the box office totals of Japan are added to the ones in Taiwan. All this while, for some additional information, you all should know that the box office totals that have been counted in Japan have made this film the eighth highest-earning one outside of the United States.

Thus, it will prove itself to be the second highest-earning animated film of 2020 worldwide. The only film of 2020 that has earned more than this is Legend of Deification. It is a Chinese film and has gone on to earn approximately 240,577,111 US Dollars. The Demon Slayer is slated well above at the number 3 animated film of 2020 around the world with Onward by Pixar sitting right beside it.

The Demon Slayer ― Reception in the world as well as Japan!

Till this point in time, the film has gone on to sell about 15.37 million tickets in order to earn over 20,483,611,650 Yen. This accounts up for about 197 million US dollars. All if these states have happened in Japan alone. This account has surpassed the 20.3 billion mark set by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It has now become the third highest-earning film of all time in Japan. The film first came out on the 16th of October and performed the best to date in its opening weekend globally.

It sold over 3,424,930 tickets and thus, went on to earn about 4,623,117,450 Yens that account up for 43.85 million US dollars. This event happened just within three days of the film’s release in the Japanese theatre. The Demon Slayer has also sold about 910,507 tickets on the day it officially released which earned it 1,268,724,70p yen that is equivalent to about 12 million US dollars. It can be considered as the highest weekday opening day that has happened ever in Japan.

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