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Real-Life Events That Inspired The American Horror Story

Real-Life Events That Inspired The American Horror Story


The American Horror Story is the longest-running scary compilation of FX and is known for its twisted narration. A number of the episodes, characters, and stories through American Horror Story seasons depend on real-life felony incidents and some popular mystical stories and figures.

These actual occurrences make the show far more convincing to crowds who end up being fanatics of the abnormal yet real events that happened in reality past the show.


This outlook of the show likewise makes American Horror Story much heavier, encircled by grim stories that have tormented America for quite a long time and even hundreds of years. It makes the “Horror” of the series substantially more genuine. Here we will discuss some American horror story ‘real’ events that might scare you and even creep you out, so beware!


The Hotel Cortez


Hotel Cortez from American Horror Story

The real-life Cecil Hotel (now the Stay on Main Hotel) in Los Angeles, where a few terrible events have happened. Richard Ramirez (known as the Night Stalker), who killed something like 13 individuals, and Johan Unterweger, took the lives of some innocent people. Both of them committed these crimes while residing at the Cecil hotel.

Cecil also witnessed the mysterious death of Elisa Lam, and her death was broadcasted exceptionally. She was found in the lodging’s water tank after visitors saw low water pressure and a different taste in the water at the hotel.


Twisty The Clown

twisty the clown

Twisty, the Clown, was perhaps the most notable character in American Horror Story’s fourth season and showed up all through the season. Twisty’s persona was built on Pogo the clown, the actual slaughterer John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy, dressed as Pogo, would go around frequently taking young fellows back to his home, where he would kill them and hide their bodies so nobody could find them. While Twisty doesn’t impart a lot of qualities to Pogo, his underlying creation was based on the said spree killer.


The Black Dahlia


Some of you may now have perceived the scandalous Dark Dahlia in Murder House. Elizabeth Short’s actual story and demise were investigated on the show, albeit a few elements were somewhat different. Similarly, as we found in Murder House, Elizabeth was an artist who was searching for stardom during the 1940s. She was later mercilessly killed with her body cleaved in half and a lasting grin on her face which is a little bit creepy.


The Countess


The noblewoman’s personality depends on Elizabeth Bathory, a terrifying legend. This sixteenth and seventeenth-century Hungarian noblewoman killed many young ladies, and it’s even said that she washed in their blood trying to remain youthful. She was not a vampire and presumably not quite beautiful as Lady Gaga. Doesn’t this sound too nauseating, like really taking a blood bath!


Piggy Piggy


In the very first season of the series Murder House, Tate Langdon goes on a mass killing spree at his school to get back at the harassers who had been torturing him. This catastrophic scene in the 6th episode, “Piggy,” is vigorously founded on the Columbine shootings from the mid-1990s in which two freshmen in overcoats struck their school. This scene is critical and shows how contorted Tate is, as the scene reflects the very occasion down to the actual exchange of words of the people who were killed.


Madame LaLaurie

madame lalaurie

The tale of the real-life Madame LaLaurie and her torment house is presumably perhaps the most obscure and mostly debilitated story in American history. It became one of the fundamental focal points of the third season of the series. The LaLaurie manor now dwells in New Orleans and is a place of misfortune with reviled energy emanating from it.

Madame LaLaurie was a rich slave owner who introduced herself well to different local people of the time. But there was a completely different behind closed doors, and she would mercilessly torment her slaves and frequently kill them. The season covers a portion of her barbarities all through a couple of the episodes, from her daily customs to her dungeon.


Edward Mordrake


Another American Horror Story Real Event is the man with two faces that likely traumatized you forever. As far as you might be concerned, he was just fictitious; however, during the 1800s, this individual was authentic. Edward Mordrake from the quirky show was a real individual who, as per books, had a strange distortion – a little face at the rear of his head. Edward ended his life at the age of 23.


The Devil’s Night


People saw Demon’s Night a couple of times throughout the series; however, it is most prominent in season five, episode four, when Mr. March organized a supper gathering for some known acquaintances. The table was loaded up with well-known spree killers, all representing their lethal wrongdoings.

Fans see Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, The Zodiac Executioner, and Aileen Wuornos, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This incredibly ghastly episode takes up a few genuine scary tales too.


The Axemen


Sorry for crawling you out again. Nonetheless, the Axeman from Coven was an actual man – and a brutal killer. Like his character in the series, the Axeman was a lethal performer in New Orleans somewhere between 1918 and 1919.

He used to break into houses and distort his targets using his axe. Recall how AHS’ Axeman used to send letters to the local newspapers. The real Axeman did that as well, warning to kill those for not playing jazz music on a specific evening.


Queen Of Voodoo


Angela Bassett’s puzzling, old voodoo queen was built on an actual individual in New Orleans history. Marie Laveau was a stylist in the French Quarter between the 1820s and 1860s, yet she also rehearsed dark sorcery.

Laveau was said to blend components of Catholicism in with voodoo and was known as a caretaker and a curer. Today, individuals visit her grave and draw three Xs in favor of it, trusting the voodoo priestess will allow them to wish.

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