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Love in Contract episode 10 – Plot Synopsis Release Date & Watching Guide

Love In Contract - Cast
Love In Contract love triangle

Korean Dramas are now well-known worldwide. Despite the overwhelming narratives they provide, fans get more interested in what will actually happen in the following episode because each one has something fresh to surprise and delight them.

Love in Contract also brings you to the world of Choi – Sung – Eun. An attractive girl who helps men to live a single happy life. How? She signs a contract with them and attends their special gatherings and events as their wife. The plot of this drama is becoming interesting episode by episode, and since 8 episodes have already been aired, fans cannot wait to watch the next episodes.

Love In Contract – Plot

Choi- sang- Eun fervently adheres to the saying “Marriage is a business” and runs a company named “Single Life Helper” to do so. Choi-sung-Hun, an attractive 33-year-old woman, is very qualified to attend business meetings and family gatherings in order to avoid annoying family members from the pressure of getting married as a pretend wife of single men who are constantly under pressure to get married. By entering into a contract with them, she becomes a lifesaver for those men and receives payment as well.

Love In Contract Sung Eun

A still from Love In Contract Sung Eun as a pretended wife

However, it is unacceptable in K-drama to omit a love triangle. Because it has become customary for us to all sob for a second lead who is constantly approaching the lady. As a result, Jung Ji Ho, Kang Hae jin, and Choi Sung Eun become involved in a love triangle.

She has been legally married to Jung Ji Ho for five years, a suspicious professional. Three times a week, she visits his place, where they share his prepared dinner while remaining silent. The famous Korean actor Kang Hae Jin moves into the same building as Ji Ho.

After living in a contractual marriage for 5 years, Choi Sung Eun decides to break the Contract and move to Canada with her previous client, who is gay, but the arrival of the handsome Korean superstar Kang Hae Jin takes the twists and turns in the whole drama.

As both Choi Sung Eun and Kang Hae Jin have a secret past somehow, and no one knows what Ji Ho’s exact profession is, the drama comes up with lots of mysteries and thrill.

Also, now that Choi Sung Eun is caught up in the love triangle, only time will tell whom she ends up with.

Love In Contract  Episode 8 – Synopsis

In episode 7 of Love in Contract, Ji Ho and Sung Eun finally share a kiss, and in the following episode, they cannot stop thinking about it. They begin acting like the perfect husband and wife, but when Ji Ho brings up the subject of their kiss, Sung Eun interprets it as a joke to avoid discomfort.

Love In Contract - Cast

Love In Contract – Cast (Credit: TvN)

Sung Eun runs across Hae Jin’s mother, who believes that Sung Eun and Hae Jin are in love when they are out to lunch. Hae Jin then decides to cancel their date as well, believing that the situation has now become more difficult.

While she is already caught up in a lot of stress, to relax, she prepares a lunch date with Ji Ho. Ji ho comes across the articles about Hae Jin’s and Sung Eun’s love life. While he gets angry about the whole situation, Sung Eun explains herself calmly. Surprisingly, Hae Jin’s new lawyer, who is Ji Ho’s ex-wife, takes an entry in the ending.

Love In Contract Episode 10 – Watching Guide:

Because everyone is awaiting the release of Episodes 9 and 10 and is interested in seeing how Ji Ho’s ex-wife will affect the plot, here is a watching guide that you should follow in order to never miss the chance to watch your favorite show on time.

Choi Sung Eun from Love in contract

Choi Sung Eun from Love in Contract

Episode 10 of ‘Love in contract’ is going to release on Thursday, 20th September, on Tvn.

  • Korean Standard Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 10.30 PM
  • Pacific Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 6.30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 9.30 AM
  • British Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 2.30 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 7.00 PM
  • Japan Time: 20th October 2022, Thursday, 10.30 PM

If you do not have access to a Tvn channel, then you can also stream all the episodes on Rakuten Viki.

Now that you have the whole watching guide with you, keep your time aside and enjoy Love in Contract every Wednesday and Thursday.



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