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28 Days Haunted Episode 1: Release Date & Everything We Know


28 Days Haunted is a reality TV series that takes four teams of paranormal investigators into the most haunted places. “Four adventurous teams of paranormal investigators have been hand-picked and given a chance to participate in the most extreme paranormal experiments ever. If they can, they will be acclaimed and lauded for being some of the most significant advances in paranormal research in recent decades.”

The investigation is part of an experiment based on paranormal investigator Ed and the theory of Lorraine Warren. As four teams of paranormal investigators explore various spooky locations, they are greeted by objects of their own will, giant shadows, and supernatural beings.

28 Days Haunted Episode 1 Preview

Each of the three teams will spend 28 days in some of America’s most haunted locations for paranormal experiments based on the theories of Ed and Lorraine Warren. An adventurous team has been hand-picked and given a chance to experience the most extreme paranormal experiments of all time to attend.

If any of these teams can survive 28 days in a terrifyingly haunted place, they’ll earn credit and recognition for being some of the most significant advances in paranormal research in recent decades.


This was once thought to be a gritty and meticulous survey of some of America’s most notorious haunted places. One of the places that are supposed to appear in the series is The Amityville House of Horror. The infamous New York house has been the model for books and movies.

Although haunted locations have been mentioned as Denver, Colorado, Preston, Connecticut, and Madison, North Carolina, a grim narration follow, and voices feel like warnings about night vision footage where people appear to be ghosts.

Where To Watch 28 Days Haunted Episode 1?

Yes, the time has come to stream this most awaited television series named 28 Days Haunted Episode 1, only after five days. So, fans of Ed and Lorraine Warren, this television series will be streamed only on Netflix. But you will need a subscription to this app, and you will eventually be able to stream this television series.

This series will surely be the most haunted series till now as it is exactly based on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s theory. Let’s wait for another five days and enjoy this series to the fullest. Stay tuned, and till then, take the subscription to Netflix and be ready!

28 Days Haunted Episode 1 Release Date

The series will premiere on Netflix on October 21st. The show includes everything from searching the nooks of basements to sensing someone’s presence while you’re asleep to chanting religious scriptures out loud. But the problem is all the high-end devices can capture the true spirit. Or are there real ghosts, or are the makers just manipulating some for experimentation?

With Halloween coming up, there’s something special about this series. The series shows that there is nothing wrong with US paranormal reality shows. It’s just that the options from this side of the pond are a bit limited, but perhaps 28 Days Haunted will prove to be one of the better ones.


In this series, three teams of almost three people known as paranormal investigators, including Shane Pittman and Sean Austin, work in haunted locations across America. A select team will spend four weeks with him and get the chance to participate in a paranormal experiment based on the theories of the late Ed and Lorraine Warren.

If any of these teams stay in haunted locations in Colorado, Connecticut, and North Caroline all the way through, they get the credit and approval to be a part of what Netflix wants. Paranormal experiments based on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s theories are being conducted by three teams at America’s most haunted locations.

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