Masashi Kishimoto Comes Back To Write For Boruto Manga

Buroto has taken quite some time in making his own debut. As of right now, the sequel is going on under the weight of a heavy reputation made by Naruto. The people, including the audience as well as the critics, appreciate everything which is happening in the story. All this while, this animated series is still trying to tackle one of the best arcs of this manga. But, we should all keep our eyes out for the change in print that is happening.

It is because the news has come out that Masashi Kishimoto is all ready to take over Boruto and its writing duties. Well, obviously the fans have a lot to say about this big shift. For all the people who still are not aware of this event, you guys should know that this news came out recently. The person who has originally created Naruto is now taking a step back from his duties by landing in the position of a writer for Boruto. At the starting point, we witnessed how this task was left to writer Ukyo Kodachi by Kishimoto.

Boruto: The son of Naruto

The writer swap on Boruto is happening, know here!

This was at the time he was pursuing plans for a new manga which is called Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru. Later, we saw how the sales on this project were dismal and thus, the novel series by Kishimoto was eliminated. After this series of events, it is known that the iconic man is freed up to design his schedule for Boruto. Obviously, we have fans who have to say a lot about this topic.

Kishimoto obviously is aware of the characters of Naruto in the best manner possible and this can be stated without any hints of doubt. However, there still a variety of people who wonder if the franchise was now better in some new hands. Kodachi, previously for his works in the industry of animated entertainment, has been praised by even the critics for penning down innovative content.

A picture of Boruto

How has this change impacted the fans?

But obviously, we have seen how the longtime fans of the show have been strained after having the manga treating its legacy heroes such as Naruto as well as Sasuke. In fact, the manga looked forward to killing this duo shortly. Well, this event could still happen under the direction done by Kishimoto. All this while, there still are a lot of queries about the future of our favorite series given the change in writers. But obviously, everyone hopes for the best and as long as our Team 7 is fine with it, fans have no objection. Here we present you with some brief memes that are taking place in the country after this swap.

Well, we all are pretty sure that a new installment of the show is going to be top-notch and we should probably have no doubts regarding it. Also, we should keep in mind that having the same writer might create the same dialogues and stuff. I mean, if we had a new writer, the whole perspective of the show would have changed and we would have received a new story with fresh ideas.

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