Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Release – Major Spoilers and Leaks

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: Well, as of right now, things look like the battle between Moro, the planet eater as well as Son Goku who is the galaxy renowned martial artist cum part-time world saver, which has been fought for a long time is at its final stages now. We have seen how in just a couple of chapters, Moro has turned all the tables. he has done so by absorbing Seven-Three. All this while, we also witnessed how the table the tables have turned back at him by our very own Merus as well as Goku.

The sequence followed Moro first absorbing the Seven Three and returning to his former glory. Later in the scenes, he went on to grasp all the powers of Vegeta that even include the Spirit Fission one. As of right now, Merus has broken all of his crystals and thus, took almost all of his powers. Thus, we see how Goku goes on to answer back to the trainee angel and its call with MUI transformation. In recent times, some of the raw scans have even been leaked about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 ― Release Date and Spoilers!

We all acknowledged the scene during which Goku said that if being a Galactic Officer means killing Moro then his only desire is to fight him as an Earthling. From that point in time, we all know that hell is now about to break loose. All this while, the question does not even include an ‘if’ anymore. It is all about when is Moro going to defeat Goku by employing some sorts of trickery.

There are various news media outlets that confirmed that Moro is going to get defeated in the forthcoming installment of Dragon Ball Super. Thus, this factor will mark the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc. All this while, you guys should know that an official release date has been set by the creators for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66. It is scheduled to come out on the 20th of November 2020. A piece of disappointing news is that we still have not been provided with a title for this chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 ― Recap of the previous chapter!

Also, back in Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, we witnessed how Kuirin opens the chapter as he gazes over the battlefield. This is the point where he realizes that Goku did not need the Senzu beans after all. Right at this time, Goku goes up to Moro in order to ask him to stand up. This is when Goku rushes to Kuririn for taking a Senzu.

This is where we realize that he is trying to do the cell thing all over again but will his plans be successful? Moro is provided with an escape option later by foolhardy Saiyajin. By opting for it, Goku will spare his life if Moro goes back to the Galactic Prison and promises that he will never escape the bars in the future. Thus, we see that Moro has agreed to this deal made by Saiyajin in haste.

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