Rick and Morty season 5 Will Have Space Beth Again, Says Dan Harmon

Well, in Rick and Morty season 5, you will have a surprise returning. Yes, it is in the form of Space Beth. This information has been revealed by Dan Harmon. Dan is one of the creators of this popular animated drama. Rick and Morty is a show which mocks the overused variety of science and fiction legacies. All this while, it is also responsible for employing them for creating humor as well as commentary on the nature of humans. Rick Smith can be considered as the lead character of this cartoon show.

He is a crazy scientist. Thus, we receive no surprises when it comes to creating clones. Well, you guys know how cliché this concept has become in this genre. But to keep in mind, Rick and Morty have managed to keep it as fresh as possible. In fact, we have even seen the process of cloning is one of the most important episodes of the show. It is The ABCs of Beth. In this episode, we acknowledged the fact that Rick created a copy of his daughter Beth. Then he deliberately made himself forget about the situation.

Rick Smith as well as Space Beth in Rick and Morty season 4

Rick and Morty season 5 will have Space Beth AGAIN, know here!

Thus, he does not know which one is clone Beth or which one is the real one. Later in the scenes, one of the Beths leaves to explore Space to have her share of adventures. Thus, she became an interstellar rebel. At this point in time, we know her as Space Beth in the show. During the concluding episode of Rick and Morty, she returned to Earth. Her plan was all about killing Rick as well as Earth Beth. But well, we know how there was a plot twist again. It was just like things generally happen in Rick and Morty. Here, Space Beth teamed up with Earth Beth and they both helped Rick. During this time they even got assistance from Jerry. Yes, this is rather surprising because Jerry is normally useless.

Also, we have known that Rick and Morty’s creators generally avoid portraying the past characters as well as plots. They do not usually do this when airing new seasons and episodes. They do like to subvert the expectations of the whole audience at every turn. But this time, the audience as well as the fans can expect something else. Dan Harmon has officially confirmed the return of Space Beth. This shall happen in the forthcoming Rick and Morty season 5. The iconic man appeared on the Global Celebration Panel as a part of the 2020 Festival of Adult Swim.

Scott Marder teases that Rick and Morty season 5 will have the biggest surprise!

He said that there are pretty groovy things that will be displayed regarding Beth. Here, he revealed that Space Beth was not a one time character. Also, it does seem like season 5 might have fewer standalone episodes. We can expect to come across more stories that will explore canon developments. Even Scott Marder, the producer as well as the writer teases this possibility. He disclosed that an epic canon will appear in season 5. He says fans will probably get knocked over with the big surprise they have put in the new season.

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