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Netflix’s Pieces of Her: The Lead Cast Members Confirmed and Production Details

Pieces of Her can be considered as an excellent piece of drama and thriller genre. It is an upcoming series on Netflix, the streaming giant. Charlotte Stoudt and Lesli Linka Glatter, have taken up the task of creating the show. The former has even gone on to write the project and at the same time, is also a showrunner. Minki Spiro is responsible for directing all the episodes that will be available in the first installment of the show. Bruna Papandrea is attached to a set of Pieces of Her in the form of a producer.

Over the course of the past few months, only three lead cast members have been publically disclosed. Toni Collette has won prestigious awards such as Primetime Emmy as well as Golden Globes. She is present to reprise the role of Laura Oliver. Her character can be best described as a mother who has a mysterious past life. Everything in the show is about what has happened with her and how her previous identity used to be. From the outside, Laura looks like a perfect Southern woman. She can be speculated as a person who is devoted to her work in the form of a speech pathologist. She also takes care of her daughter, that is, Andy.

Pieces of Her

A picture of showrunner Charlotte Stoudt, producer Lesli Linka Glatter and director Minkie Spiro (Left to right)

Pieces of Her season 1 ― Cast members confirmed!

All this while, the character of Andrea Oliver will be enacted by actress Bella Heathcote. She is popularly known for her role in The Man in the High Castle by Amazon Prime Video. She is also seen in The Neon Demon. Andrea, also known as Andy, the daughter of Laura. She sets on a journey to discover more about her mother’s past. Her role can be best dubbed as a college dropout who is residing in the garage apartment owned by her mother. Her life is pretty aimless while she is also struggling to get a direction. She is literally the exact opposite image of her mother.

Lord of the Rings actor David Wenham is set to play the part of Jasper Queller. He can be considered as a mysterious man from the past life of Laura. This forthcoming show will prove to be the third collaboration existing between Wenham and Collette. The first one was Cosi which release back in 1968. The second one was The Boys which released later in 1998.

Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, Bella Heathcote as Andrea Oliver, David Wenham
as Jasper Queller from left to right

Pieces of Her Season 1 ― When will it release?

Also, the first installment of Pieces of Her is scheduled to have eight episodes. Each of them will run for an hour or so. Well, here is a piece of disappointing news for all the fans who have desperately been waiting for this show to release. It is because no confirmed release date has been decided for it yet. But if we consider the current schedule set for the production of the show, then it might release sometime in the latter half of 2021 or maybe even early 2022. There are chances to receive an early air date if the production starts happening in January of 2021. But if by chance it gets delayed, then surely the show will come out by 2022.

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