Hilda Season 2: New Characters Revealed Every Thursday

You guys should know that Hilda is a great animated show. It is based on the comics as well as the novels which go by the same name. It will come back for its long-awaited second installment later in 2020. Well, here is everything that we know till now about the second season of Hilda. There also is a film on the horizon about this animated tale. Hilda is a show made especially for all the kids. Also, people should know that it is one of the best cartoons which are commissioned by Netflix till now.

Luke Pearson is the person who has adapted the show from a graphic novel. The first season of the series came out on Netf back in September of 2018. It was later renewed after a month. Much of the source material was covered by the creators in its first season itself. This fact means that we are naturally going to cover the latest books. The titles include Hilda and the Stone Forest as well as Hilda and the Mountain King. Also, we will be diving into the unreleased materials.

Hilda Season 2
Hilda Season 2: New Character

Hilda Season 2 ― Release Date!

All this while, here is a piece of great news for all the fans. You all should know that Hilda will finally get a release on Netflix globally in the fall of 2020. This news has been confirmed by various news media outlets. This was later clarified at NYCC to be at some point in December of 2020. But earlier this month, an official statement came out by Netflix. It said Hilda season 2 will release globally on the 14th of December 2020.

The most exciting news about these announcements is that every Thursday, the Twitter account for the series has been revealing some of the other character designs. These all are meant for the second season. Also, two new characters have been revealed so far. These include Wood Man as well as Swamp Man. The real name provided to Swamp Man is Sigurd. He is described as an excellent warrior. A caption was provided saying if we ever fall in battle then we would surely want someone like him around us.

Hilda Season 2 ― Character Updates!

All the fans should probably head right over to Twitter and make sure that they follow their page. They must do so to get weekly updates about the new characters every Thursday. When she was asked to tell fans about the second season, Bella Ramsey said it was an adventurous journey. Also, we had Luke Pearson who said the show was just great. Andy Coyle is the director of the show and he said that the series is very exciting. He hopes that everything proves to be satisfying for all the fans. Also, a pretty curious statement was given by the head writer. he says that the series is traumatic but this is what the life of an adventurer is.

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