The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Matt Negrete Reveals Details

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is definitely set to come back again with season 2. This news was confirmed by AMC, a very long time ago. They did so even before the first season of this spinoff tale came out. This fact just portrays the level of confidence all the creators have with the show. Also, Sarah Barnett has revealed in an official statement that this spin-off is not at all like its parent franchise. According to what she said, World Beyond is different in both, substance as well as form.

She says that World Beyond is made up of two seasons that have a definite close end. It is set to tell a very specific and distinct story to all the fans. Also, there are rumors which suggest that the second season will have some resemblance with its original The Walking Dead franchise. The final episode of the first season comes out in December 2020. As for the release date of The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2, we can expect nothing before the latter half of 2021.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2
A still from The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 ― Has the production started?

You guys should know that the production has already started on the series. But provided all these delays which are happening in the industry, we can not speculate anything concrete. As of right now, it is very difficult to find out more about the tale in the new season. Well, one thing is for sure that we will come to know more about the secrets held by CRM. They will get a proper explanation as the series unfolds. All of these could even explain to us how this particular zombie virus came into origin.

Hopefully, the tale will also explain whatever that has now become of Rick Grimes too. Matt Negrete has even talked about the creation of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. he says there are hopes in him to extend this series beyond a second season too. Matt says he always asks himself before doing anything major that how can he make this show unique. How can everything be different and can support the expectations that the fans have from it?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 ― Here is what Matt Negrete has to say!

Matt says he has almost two views about everything on the show. It is because right now, they are all breaking the seventh episode of the series with the writers. They have all even fallen in love with the characters they designed and feel like they could go on about them forever.

Although, Matt did disclose that it is sometimes nice to be able to approach a show from the start till the end while also knowing about what our ending is going to be. Thus, they all can now work towards a common goal. He says the fans will never have to ask for what will happen in season 6 because everything is already decided. Matt says that has already decided that the show will have twenty episodes in total and everything is pretty challenging.

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