Stranger Things Season 4: What Is Hellfire Club?

We have some new revelations for Stranger Things Season 4. The major elements of the story have also been revealed. Even the information about “Hellfire Club” was disclosed. According to what the Duffer Brothers have revealed, a new type of horror is going to get to the surface. They say it is something which has been buried for a very long time but it is something which connects everything.

When the third season came to an end, after the explosion, it aimed at destroying the Soviet lab. There even was an Upside Down which is located under the new Starcourt Mall. We saw that Joyce Byers took both her sons and Eleven out of this Indiana town in order to begin a new life. Although, in the final scene, geography sure takes a leap. It is because the scene takes place in the far Eastern end of the USSR. At this place, we see that the guards are feeding a prisoner to a Demogorgon. Although, they are not letting go of the American. The new seasons builds on that climax from Season 3.

Stranger Things season 4
Stranger Things season 4: Hellfire Club Mystery solved

Stranger Things season 4 ― Production Status

You guys should know that Stranger Things season 4 was in the early stages of development at the start of this year. It was when Netflix announced a suspended film and TV production on the 13th of March. It happened in the wake of the pandemic created by the fatal Coronavirus. Well, this drama, which is all about having a supernatural plot, started its filming process once again on the 28th of September 2020. The location of the filming was set in Georgia.

The show was renewed by the creators back in September of 2019. The creators also have also closed a major deal with the Duffer Brothers. The show “Stranger Things” has been an Emmy Nominee three times as the Best Drama while being one of the most-watched Netflix titles. You guys should also know that season 3 had garnered almost 40.7 million household accounts in just the first four days of its release.

Stranger Things season 4 ― What the hell is The Hellfire Club?

Just at the start of this month, the creators have been teasing about a Hellfire Club. But fans are very curious to know what does this means and what does this club does. There were a variety of speculations but now, the character description of Eddie Munson has cleared all the doubts. You guys should know that Eddie is an audacious metalhead living in the 80s.

He is the leader of The Hellfire Club. He also is responsible for running the official D&D club at Hawkins High. There are a lot of people who never understood him and thus cast hate towards his personality. Well, on the other side, the people who do know him, are surely the ones who adore Eddie. It has also been disclosed that the plot of Stranger Things season 4 will find Eddie being at the epicenter of all the mysteries happening.

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