Metal Lords: Netflix Releases Character Description

Metal Lords is set to release on the streaming service, Netflix. It is a teen musical drama film that has been written, produced, and created by the Game of Thrones duo. Yes, they are David Benioff along with D.B. Weiss. Well, here is everything that we know about this tale. So for a hot recap, let us remind you that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are popularly known for their works on Game of Thrones that came on HBO. The duo signed an expansive deal with Netflix to come off with some new titles.

Till this point in time, there are a variety of projects that have been announced by the duo. Although Metal Lords is the first one to take shape. David has produced the film but the script has been written by D.B. Weiss. Also, the production company under whose banner the film is taking place is called Bighead Littlehead. Also, Greg Shapiro, who is quite known in the entertainment industry for The Hurt Locker is attached to the project in the form of a producer. The direction of this film will be done by Peter Sollett.

Metal Lords ― What is the story?

The iconic filmmaker has directed Freeheld which stars actress Ellen Page in the lead role. Ellen has appeared on The Umbrella Academy by Netflix. The Path for Hulu streaming service as well as Vinyl for HBO has all been created by Sollett. All this while, Sollett will also helm the forthcoming adaptation of the video game called Minecraft. The plot of this upcoming film, Metal Lords throws the entire spotlight on two high school boys and one girl.

Metal Lords: Peter Sollett set to direct the film for Netflix

They all try starting a Heavy Metal band and later in the scenes, we see them about to compete in Battle of the Bands. According to the official synopsis for the film, it says that two children want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where exactly two kids give a care about the heavy metal genre. We will see them trying to find a bass player but they fail in doing so. Although, they get in contact with a girl who is excellent at playing the cello. Thus, to win the Battle of the Bands, the three of them have to settle their differences and work in unity.

Metal Lords ― Character Description!

These three kids are Hunter, Kevin, and Emily. We will see Hunter as an uncomfortable lad who does not like other people. Even his family life is quite dysfunctional. Although, he can hide all his issues behind his true passion for Heavy Metal. Then we have Kevin who is a shy kid. He always has a big heart but is quite unable to express any of his emotions. But with Hunter, he gets almost through everything. Then the third one, Emily plays the cello. She is the only one whom one can call a real musician. Just like Kevin, this girl is also shy and antisocial.

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